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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Shreveport, LA


Shreveport, Louisiana is getting more and more attention lately. People are moving there for both work and retirement, and it’s easy to see why! Here are the top 5 reasons to move to Shreveport, Louisiana.

1. The weather

While the area can get hot and humid in the summer, it’s a relatively mild area temperature-wise. You might not want to get rid of your winter coat right away since the area generally gets at least one snowy day every single year. You get to experience the winter, but it’s not nearly as harsh as the winters you’re probably used to.

2. Recreational activities

People need things to do to occupy their time while in the area. Luckily, this is a place with a lot of options. Many people move here just to experience some of the finest golf courses the country has to offer. With the mild temperatures, you’ll be able to hit the golf course a majority of the year.
If golfing isn’t really your thing, you can always fish on the Red River. They even host the Bassmaster classic here every year, so get ready to compete.

3. Flowers

The climate makes the area great for growing flowers. Roses and sunflowers in particular are always in demand. They make the area look and smell fantastic. Walk through the American Rose Center to see a huge collection of over 20,000 roses. Don’t forget your camera.

4. The food

Being in Louisiana, you have to believe that there is some fantastic Cajun cuisine in the area. Make sure to try the Boudin Noir sausages while you’re here. There are also plenty of Mexican and Tex-Mex options that are sure to get your full, too. You’ll even find some amazing Middle Eastern food. You’ll find just about every type of cuisine possible.

5. The art scene

There are a number of different art museums in the area. Many of them are kid-friendly, too. You can find an international museum as well as museums that showcase the local talent. The emphasis on art is clear when you see the giant mural in the middle of the city. Don’t forget about the fabulous live music scene that features a number of different Southern artists.

Shreveport, Louisiana is a great town. It has friendly people and a lot to do. Come see for yourself, and you might just stay.


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