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How to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring


How to Maintain Your Hardwood FlooringInstalling hardwood flooring in your home is a fantastic investment. Of course, maintaining it is important if you want to keep that investment looking good for a long time. With proper maintenance, you can make sure that your hardwood flooring looks its best, and you can make sure that it lasts for a long time to come. If you’re wondering how to maintain your hardwood floors, these steps should help you get started.

Sweep Regularly

The first and easiest step of taking care of your hardwood flooring is making sure that you sweep your floors regularly. If you get in the habit of doing it often, then it should not take very long. On top of keeping your floors cleaner for you and your family, it’s a good way to prevent scratches and other imperfections on your flooring. After all, small pieces of sand or dirt could lead to scratches on your flooring if you are not careful.

Be Careful About Vacuuming

Using a vacuum might seem like a good idea for cleaning your floors. However, if you aren’t careful, you could easily damage your hardwood flooring with a vacuum cleaner. You should only use your vacuum cleaner on your hardwood flooring if it has a hardwood flooring setting. Otherwise, the brushes from your vacuum cleaner could actually scratch your flooring.

Mop On a Regular Basis

Get in the habit of mopping your hardwood floors on a regular basis. This will help you get rid of stains and spills that could stain your flooring. It will also help you make sure that your flooring shines, and it can give a good smell to your home. Just make sure that you use a floor cleaner that is safe for use on hardwood floors.

Be Careful with Furniture

Your furniture can damage your hardwood flooring. Because of this, it’s important to be careful when setting up, using and moving furniture in your home. Avoid dragging flooring across your hardwood flooring; instead, pick it up to move it or put it on a dolly. You can add casters or felt pads to the legs of your chairs and other furniture to help protect your flooring, too.

Put Down Rugs

Putting down rugs on your hardwood flooring adds a nice touch of color and cheer. Plus, it helps protect your flooring. For example, put runners and rugs down in high-traffic areas to help keep your hardwood flooring protected.

One of the great things about hardwood flooring is the fact that it is easy to maintain. However, there is still some maintenance that has to be done. Fortunately, if you remember the advice above, you can make sure that your hardwood flooring is properly taken care of so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.


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