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How to Properly Buy, Store, and Smoke a Cigar


How to Properly Buy, Store, and Smoke a CigarSmoking a cigar for the first time can be a disturbing and intimidating experience. Either you are a beginner or fan, you will soon realize that some mistakes can be made that can undermine the experience.

For Starters

Generally, a mild cigar with medium body strength and taste will be best, to begin with. In the $6-$10 range, there will be many choices for mild cigars. Search for one that everyone describes as an all-around nail. You want something which is not too strong, but still versatile enough for people who prefer moderate and full-bodied cigars. You don’t have to stay smoking with mild cigars, of course. You might be all right with a full-bodied cigar if you like strong coffee or are an ex-cigarette smoker.

Visit A Smoke Shop Tabbaconist

The purchasing from a great tobacconist has many benefits. You will have a wide choice of quality cigars. Furthermore, you can depend on those cigars being well cared for. Additionally, you will have outstanding assistance. The experienced staff will help you choose the best cigar and exchange cigar tips for learners. If you want to know about cigars, the best lesson is your nearest tobacco guy or tobacconist.

Quality Is Essential

Always request permission from a vendor to examine the cigars by touching them. Do not hesitate to ask a distributor about storage conditions as well. For example, cigars should be preserved in a humid environment ranging from 65 to 70 percent. Anything less can dry cigars while more can end up causing the mold to break out.

Purchase A Few Cigars At A Time

You won’t know what you want when you’re first starting with cigars, so your taste may change quickly. That’s why buying just a few at a time is wise. A handful of different cigars you will be able to experiment with, and most importantly, you won’t be trapped with a fair number of cigars you don’t like.

You normally get what you pay for as an overall tip for purchasing cigars. But there is no need to spend a lot of money as a newbie. You could get a quality cigar for less than 10 dollars, and you don’t have to make anything too pricy at your level. Keep yourself to moderately priced cigars first and as your taste expands, you can treat yourself to an exquisite smoke.


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