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Hello and welcome to the most independent news website you will find on the Internet – MichNews! If you have ever wanted to be updated with the truthful news from the first hands – you are at the right place. Our team was gathered by the enthusiast who got tired of the negativity there is on modern news websites, and we all decided to change the situation.

Our main goal is to update people with the best news we can find, without throwing negativity at them. We are always happy to see new readers and get good feedbacks from them. Our team consists of professional writers, journalists, and editors, who are working hard every day to bring you fresh pieces of news.

The website is relatively young, but we have already gained quite a number of readers from different parts of the country. There are even people from other countries who decided to become a part of our community. However, we are still happy to welcome every new visitor and permanent reader of our articles, as everyone is important to us.

MichNews.com was created in a visitor-friendly way, so it’s convenient for everyone to find the piece of news they want and read. We strive to upgrade the site with new tools to make it even more comfortable for you to read what you’ve miss in the latest days.

We cooperate with many news companies to get the best information from the first hands. They help us not to be misguided by paid news and projects that can give us false information. With such a support we become stronger and better every day, learning from the best. We like to share our experience, so we also cooperate with the younger companies to help them learn how to get the latest news. Learning is power, and we try to share it as much as we can.

Our team is always glad to get feedbacks and questions from the readers. We sometimes even discuss the latest news with our permanent readers by email. So if you have something to tell us – don’t hesitate to send us a letter. You can send us a feedback about the website, a suggestion on improving it, or anything about the news we post. If you have questions about the events and processes we are writing about or the way we write about them – contact us right away.

We will be happy to hear from you. Happy reading!