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7 Top Tips for US Residents Moving to Canada During the Winter


7 Top Tips for US Residents Moving to Canada During the WinterMany Americans are discovering the fact that Canada is a great place to live. The evidence of this is the number of Americans that head north of the border each year. However, the cold weather experienced in Canada is quite different from what is experienced in many places in America. It is important that Americans moving to Canada know exactly how to handle winter life in their new home.

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers will help prevent your body heat from escaping and is a great way to maintain warmth during Canadian winters. For your lower body, start with thermal leggings. You can then wear a pair of snow pants over the leggings. You should do the same for your upper body. Start with a thermal top. Other layers should include a t-shirt and a fleece topped with a coat.

Full Body Coverage

Any skin exposed during the coldest parts of a Canadian winter can suffer frostbite in as little as 30 seconds. At least one layer of clothing should be placed over every portion of the skin on your body. This includes your face.

Educate Yourself

Dressing in layers are the two most common problems caused by exposure to excess cold. You should possess knowledge regarding the identification and treatment of both these conditions. Frostbite often shows up as pale or grey skin accompanied by numbness or pain. Do not rub the affected area or expose it to direct heat. Shivering, weakness, and confusion are all signs of hypothermia.

Limit Time Outside

It is not safe for you to spend much time outside for any reason when temperatures are -40 degrees celsius. Limit the time you spend exposing your body to this type of cold. When it is a necessity to brave the cold, remember the tips for dressing discussed earlier.

Know the Forecast

Always have an idea of the weather you can expect to encounter before you leave your home. You can find the information you need on the radio or television. Stay watchful of any weather alerts that affect you.

Stay Fit

It will be tempting to hibernate in your home until the winter has passed. However, staying fit is a key defense of colds, the flu, and other symptoms. There are a number of gyms available if you prefer to exercise indoors. Winter sports are big in Canada if you want to keep your body fit outdoors.

Protect Pets

You should pay close attention to your pet when you leave the house with him or her. Animals possess different tolerance levels for the cold and you should watch for signs your pet is in distress. Also, your pet should be dressed as warmly as you are.

The Bottom Line

Canada is a beautiful country and many Americans wish to relocate there. However, the winters are a lot to deal with and some people find themselves unprepared for this reality. However, the seven tips above will help Americans relocating to Canada brave their first winter north of the border.


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