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4 Ways to Use a Prepaid Phone to Teach Children Responsibility


4 Ways to Use a Prepaid Phone to Teach Children ResponsibilityEverywhere you look, you’re going to see an advertisement for the latest smartphone. Children are receiving expensive phones to use earlier and earlier. Is it necessary for a child to have unlimited data and access, as well as a super expensive phone, when they are younger? You might consider using a prepaid phone as a starter phone if you do want your child to have one. Read on for four tips that will help your child learn responsibility.

1.Explain it’s a starter phone for them

A prepaid phone doesn’t necessarily have to be their one and only phone. Starting off with a cheaper model will show your child that you trust them enough to have their own device. Explain that they can show they are responsible by taking care of the phone and not losing it. Eventually, if they show they are responsible enough, you may upgrade.

2.Once their minutes are up, that’s it

A prepaid phone basically comes with a set amount of minutes per month. There will be a fee if you go over the limit, or you may not be able to send or receive phone calls and text messages if you do. This teaches a child that you must pay attention to how you are using the phone on a daily basis.

3.Explain how you need credit for many plans

One reason many consumers opt for prepaid phones is that there is no credit check for the plans. This is a great opportunity to explain what you need if you want to enter into a phone contract from another company, such as Verizon or Sprint. Talk to your child about the importance of paying your bills on time and keeping your credit score high.

4.Offer additional minutes or phone time for extra chores

Since you only get so many minutes with many prepaid phones, your child may find that they run out before the month is out. If you can buy more minutes or more data, allow your child to work for it. This shows them that in order to get what they want, they have to put in the time and effort. Once they earn the money for extra minutes, show them how to apply it. Most cell phone companies allow you to apply minutes over the phone or online, a good learning experience for your young child.

A prepaid phone is often a great idea for young children who may not need all the bells and whistles of the latest iPhone model. It can teach a child about responsibility and money while allowing them access to the internet and friends. Once they learn how to be responsible with a prepaid model, you may consider trading up.


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