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How to Choose the Correct Gown Length for Your Occasion


How to Choose the Correct Gown Length for Your OccasionAs beautiful as a dress might be, the length of the hemline can make all the difference between a fashion inspiration or a mistake to be learned from. Different occasions require a different hemline to look aesthetic and in place. The dress length is also a representation of the character of the one wearing it as well as the situation in which it is worn. Here are some guidelines for your dress length.

What Dress Length to Choose


Minidresses are great for women who have nice legs or enjoy showing them. The rule of thumb for the length of mini dresses is that if the hemline is below the fingertips of your relaxing hands, the length is good. It is important to consider the event that you are attending. A party during the night is great for this type of dress. Meeting with people on a more serious occasion during the day does not support this type of dress.

Above The Knee Length

This length is one of the most universal lengths that are good for any occasion. It can be worn with flat shoes and heels during the day or night. The length would probably be inappropriate only for a night party when everyone is in miniskirts. Otherwise, the many designs that use this dress length will allow you to choose one that you like most while also revealing your legs.

Knee Length

The knee-length dress is the most conservative type of hemline of them all. The image that this dress conveys seriousness. Women who are short or do not like their legs should stay away from this dress length as it accentuates the lower part of the legs and visually removes inches from the height. If the dress is just below or above the knee, it can actually make the legs look longer. Knee-length hemlines are great for daytime occasions that require a sophisticated and polished look. Avoid hanging necklaces with this type of dress, and make sure you wear high heels with it.

Tea Length

The name of this hemline that falls three or four inches below the knee came from the type of dresses that women used to wear to tea parties in the early 20th century. The comfort of the dress not touching on the floor has made this one an alternative to floor-length gowns.

Floor Length

The classical floor length is great for gala moments, classic occasions, or very special moments like weddings. Make sure that the length is just above the floor surface or part of it sweeps the floor.

Choose Your Dress

Now that you know what type of length to use for your situation, you can be more confident in picking out the best dress type. Use common sense when picking the length of the dress. The shorter dresses are meant for more casual occasions while longer dresses are for special events.


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