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Everything to Know About Hormone Therapy


Everything to Know About Hormone TherapyYou may have heard the recent news surrounding Hormone therapy. Irrespective of the massive misunderstanding out here, it is by far the most effective treatment for women struggling with menopause. It helps in relieving hot flashes, insomnia, and vaginal dryness. Today, the remedy is highly effective, and here are the facts to know about it:


1. Different women respond differently to hormone therapy


It is for this reason that women should take some time to discuss the treatment with their physicians. For instance, when the medication is prescribed to older women, it might increase their risk for stroke and heart attack. The contraindications also vary with one’s lifestyle and health history. The best way is to talk to a doctor who is knowledgeable about hormone therapy.


2. The early 2000’s opposition was based on a misunderstanding


The idea that hormone replacement is not ideal came from a Women’s initiative study that was published in 2002. The study suggested that hormone therapy could augment the threat of breast cancer, stroke, and heart attack. Today, experts have realized that these findings were blown out of proportion. To start with, more than 70 percent of the ladies in the research were 60 years old and above. Menopause usually kicks in the early 50s, which means that the respondents were not suited for the study.


3. The merits outweigh the demerits


Menopause symptoms are not the easiest to come by, which means that you should weigh the cons versus the advantages of the treatment. For instance, if you feel that you cannot take in the severe effects of the hot flashes, you should consider getting relief from hormone therapy. Research shows that the treatment method has more advantages than disadvantages.


4. You should time the treatment right


The more you wait before starting your hormone therapy, the worse the associated risks you may face. If it has been ten years since you last had your period, hormone therapy is likely to be a bad idea. However, if you are healthy and you have had at least one period in the last five years, you can consider this treatment.


5. It is not always in the pill form


Estrogen and progesterone work hand in hand. Therefore, if you take estrogen as part of the hormone replacement therapy, you should consider taking progesterone too. Unfortunately, progesterone in pill form seems to increase your risk for breast cancer. Luckily, you can have it in the patch form, which is safer.


Hormone therapy has faced a lot of opposition in the past. Luckily, scientific research has proven that it is one of the best treatment options for menopausal women. With the above facts in hand, you are now in a better position to make an informed decision than you were before.


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