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7 Reasons You Should Get Your Home Inspected


7 Reasons You Should Get Your Home InspectedHome inspections are necessary when you’re thinking of buying a home or selling the property to a buyer. Although home inspections can be an investment for some people, there are a few reasons why they can help you protect yourself or learn more about the home. Here are a few common reasons why you should get your home inspected.

1. Determine the Value of the Property

When you want to know what your home is worth, a home inspection is necessary to determine the overall condition of the house. Although an appraiser will provide you with a general idea, underlying issues that may be present can affect what the home is worth and if any repairs or work needs to be performed. With an inspection, you can determine what to list the house for when you’re getting ready to sell it on the real estate market.

2. Forcast Future Costs

According to investopedia.com, home inspections will allow you to plan for the future by determining if the roof needs to be replaced soon or if the pipes on your plumbing system are wearing down. You can save money and begin planning for upcoming projects.

3. Insurance

Many homeowners must get an inspection because some insurance companies won’t offer their coverage if pre-existing conditions are present. You’ll need to prove that your home is in excellent condition ahead of time to find the right provider.

4. Negotiating Power

Hiring a professional to inspect a home that you want to purchase will offer peace of mind because you’ll know what you’re getting into before making the purchase. If there are issues with the electrical wiring or leaks are discovered, you can have more negotiating power with the seller.

5. Radon Detection

According to angieslist.com, an inspection will determine if radon is present on the property, which is an odorless gas that can enter the home through cracks in the foundation. An inspection is necessary to protect your family members from suffering from respiratory issues if the gas is leaking into the building.

6. Discover Mold

Mold is often present in homes due to leaks that go undetected, which can lead to respiratory issues over time. An inspection will uncover mold that is in the attic or inside of the walls of the house and will allow you to hire professionals to remove it before replacing the materials in the home.

7. Save Money

By uncovering issues that can escalate in the future, you can save money on repairs and fix the problems early on to spend less on the home. You’ll also protect the integrity of the building by looking for problems before they increase in severity.


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