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A Guide to Getting Your Lawn Ready for Fall


A Guide to Getting Your Lawn Ready for FallIt’s a myth that your lawn doesn’t need much attention during the fall; however, the opposite is quite true. During the autumn months, your lawn is busy absorbing the nutrients and moisture it needs to survive the long, hard winter. Whether you live somewhere with mild winters or somewhere covered in snow, preparing your lawn in the fall will reward you with a lush, green lawn come spring.

Continue reading, for fall lawn care tips.

Rake Up the Fallen Leaves

Leaves are not good for your grass; they block the sunlight from vitalizing your grass, and also trap moisture which can lead to the growth of fungus. Rake or blow any fallen leaves, and don’t wait for all the leaves to fall before you dispose of them. If you wait too long, the lawn fungus may already be established.

Don’t Stop Watering

While autumn may bring more rain and morning dew, it’s not enough moisture to keep your lawn hydrated for winter. Keep your watering schedule going until the end of October.

Don’t Stop Mowing

Your lawn will continue to grow until the first hard frost. If your grass grows too long it will mat up, and be vulnerable to fungus. However, if you cut the grass too short it may damage the roots, leaving your lawn vulnerable to the cold, dry winter. Regular mowing will also pick up any leaves and leave behind wholesome mulch for your grass.

Aerate The Soil

Soil aeration should be done regularly. It prevents the soil from becoming compacted while preventing thatch. Autumn may well be the best time to aerate your lawn. Aeration allows water, oxygen, and fertilizer to easily penetrate the soil and the roots of your grass.

Use Fertilizer

Fall is a very good time to fertilize your lawn. The fertilizer will help protect your lawn’s roots from freezing while providing the nutrients it needs to make a come back in spring. Fertilizer is best applied after you aerate your lawn, in the late fall.

Weed Control

Fall is also a great time to get rid of any weeds that have invaded your yard. Use an herbicide during the fall; the weeds will die and won’t return come spring.

Seed Your Lawn

Seeding will not only discourage weeds this spring, but will also fill any bare spots in your lawn. Autumn is the ideal time for seeding; there is still plenty of moisture and somewhat warmer temperatures.

While spring may seem like a long way off, fall is actually the ideal time to get your lawn ready for the warm months next year. While your lawn seems to lie dormant, it is actually preparing for a burst of growth this spring.


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