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How to Find a Beautiful Wedding Dress in a Short Timeframe


How to Find a Beautiful Wedding Dress in a Short TimeframeSome people who are getting married don’t get the luxury of being able to prepare for a year or longer for the big day. One of the biggest aspects of the wedding is the dress. If you have not been able to shop for six months or longer for your gown, you’re not alone. However, you can still find a beautiful wedding dress in a short timeframe by using a few tips to your advantage.

Visit Local Boutiques

If you have a local bridal boutique in your area or one that is close to you, go and visit it. You may be able to find a wedding dress that appeals to you right off the rack. If you are not particular about designers, you might be able to find something that’s both beautiful and inexpensive. You might even want to consider buying a dress that another bride ordered but never picked up, which is also known as a cancelation dress. These gowns are often available at cheaper prices, but keep in mind that you may have to have them altered because they may not be in your exact size or length.

Go to Department Stores

Some department stores sell wedding dresses, which means if you find one, you will be able to take it home right off the rack on the same day. This might be your only option if you are on a tight budget and need a gown in a short amount of time. Even if you find a white dress that is not technically a wedding gown, you can dress it up and wear it on your big day.

Go Online

There are many online bridal retailers that have good reputations. You can find a gorgeous wedding gown from one of these stores and get it relatively cheaply as well, which is always a plus. Most online bridal retailers will also quickly ship your dress right to your door and offer a good selection of styles, fabrics and sizes, which means you can easily find the perfect wedding gown for you.

Check for Small, Independent Designers

You can do an online search for an independent wedding dress designer in your area as well. Many smaller designers work within their local area and will work with brides who have a short timeline and limited budget for their gowns as well. Some of these designers will even rush your wedding dress for a small fee.

Get a Secondhand Dress

Another option for getting your wedding dress quickly is to research secondhand gowns. Many women resell their dresses in excellent or at least good condition. Some even sell gowns they have never worn. You can find a real steal and a beautiful dress to boot by shopping secondhand.

These are great ways to find a wedding dress when you’re on a short timeframe. Explore your options and you will find the gown of your dreams.


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