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9 Ways to Use A Challenge Coin as Party Favor


9 Ways to Use A Challenge Coin as Party FavorChallenge coins started in the military, but they have long since spread into civilian life. People even use them as party favors. The practice is surprisingly common, probably because there are so many different ways to do so.

At The Door

The easiest way to use challenge coins at a party is to hand them out at the door. This isn’t quite as impressive as using them in other ways, but it makes sure that everyone can get one, and the coins are still useful as a memento of the party.

Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are popular in parties for both adults and children. Every hunt needs a treasure at the end, and challenge coins are a good option. They’re cheap enough that they can be used in bulk, they look like real treasure, and they’re the sort of momento that people can easily keep for a long time.

Game Prizes

Party games are always popular, and they can benefit from prizes. This is an easy way to use challenge coins, because you will always know exactly how many of the coins to order if you know how many games are going to get played. Considering ordering a few extra coins, just in case people want to play an extra round.


Challenge coins got their name from a military ritual known as challenging. Everyone who is present pulls out their coin, and anyone who does not have a coin buys drinks for the group. If everyone has a coin, the challenger buys them. Combine this with handing out coins at the door, and use challenges to see who has managed to hang on to their by the end of the night.

Gambling Tokens

People love to gamble, but playing for real money can lead to some heated arguments. Consider handing out a small number of challenge coins and using them as currency for gaming during the party. This works for plenty of different games, and it’s easy to make several of them available to make sure you have something that everyone will like.


Instead of handing out coins during the party, consider attaching them to the invitation and encouraging people to bring them. You can still use them for challenges or any other activity afterwards, and it will save you the effort of handing them out as guests arrive.


If you get a variety of different coins and hand out a few of a single type to each guest, you can encourage them to trade with each other to get a complete set. This is a great tactic for large parties with lots of people who have never met, since it can help break the ice.


Many people host parties to help raise money for charity. If that is your goal, you can hand out a special challenge coin to everyone who donates. Consider attaching it to a specific donation size, to make sure that the donation can cover the cost of the coin.

Helping Out

There’s always work to be done after a party, such as cleaning. Consider saving a few challenge coins to hand out to the generous guests that help with those tasks after the party is over.


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