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3 Alternatives to Using a Traditional Moving Service


3 Alternatives to Using a Traditional Moving ServiceHiring movers to get you to your new destination from your old one may be the easiest way to go. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the cheapest solution for those looking to stay within a certain budget. If this is the case, check out the following three ways that you can forgo the traditional moving company while still moving your belongings from point A to point B.

Portable Storage Units 

One way to move without using a traditional moving service is to rent a portable storage container. They are also referred to as moving pods and are rented out on an as-needed basis by storage unit and moving companies. You will first need to figure out how big of a unit you will be needing. Most companies offer them in small, medium, and large sizes. Some of the larger units can hold up to six rooms or more of furniture.

Next, call the company and reserve the one you need. They will then bring the unit to your home and drop it off. You will then pack up your furniture and other belongings and load them into the container yourself. When you are ready, the company will come back and move the unit to your new home. You will then unload it yourself. When you are done, simply contact the company to come out and retrieve their property. It’s that simple!

Contact Local Moving Help 

It’s easy finding labor-for-hire online when you need it in this day and age. Place an ad on social media stating you need help moving. Many men and women make a side living by offering their trucks and services for a small fee. This is especially easy if you are only moving across town or a short distance. Just be sure to ask for references and have another adult with you when they arrive to move your belongings, for safety reasons. Search for local online movers that can help you on the big day.

Transport Executive has a range of man-with-a-van services that will ensure your ease of transfer to a new place. For people who live in these particular localities, the company’s Kirkcaldy and Dysart moving service is quite reasonable and affordable.

Have a Moving Party 

If you have a truck or a van, or if you are planning to rent your own moving van, consider cutting costs by asking friends, co-workers, and family to help you move. However, be prepared to sweeten the deal for them. Offer snacks, lunch, and beverages while they help move your belongings. Make sure no one is expected to do the heavy work by themselves. Take breaks as often as needed. Once the move is complete, provide alcoholic refreshments (make sure that everyone drinks responsibly and doesn’t drive afterwards) and relax!

No matter what your budget is, moving doesn’t have to be a stressful event. Take these three ideas into consideration when you are moving and do not wish to hire a traditional moving company.


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