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5 Tips to Lock In Donors with Print Marketing


5 Tips to Lock In Donors with Print MarketingCrowdfunding is a common technique used by entrepreneurs and other savvy individuals to raise money for a particular cause. The cause could be a business venture, a product offering, a humanitarian issue, or some other new offering that requires capital to develop. When you’re organizing a crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to find ways to increase donations to your cause. The only way to get more people to donate is to appeal to people through marketing. Print marketing is a viable option to get people interested in donating to your cause.

  • Donor Tip #1: Direct Mail The most comprehensive way to get a message to several people at once is to send it directly to their mailboxes. Assemble a list of addresses for people that have shown interest in your cause. Send relevant information to the people on your list, soliciting recipients for charitable donations
  • Donor Tip #2: Posting Flyers If you want people in your community to donate to your cause, you need to get their attention with a fun, inviting flyer. Post flyers in coffee shops and public venues to get people looking at your website, or use the flyers to direct people to your next event. This tip will help get complete strangers talking about your brand while they stand in line for coffee.
  • Donor Tip #3: Promotional Marketing The best way to get flyers into the hands of caring members of your community is to pass out flyers yourself. However, you will hand out more flyers to more people if you hire a group of people to canvass popular areas around town. Print out plenty of flyers for your team to hand out to anyone interested in hearing more about your cause.
  • Donor Tip #4: Postcards Try this tip in order to get people in your community interested in learning about your campaign. Print postcards that display your logo, mission statement, and information about upcoming events. Leave postcards at cafes and other places where community members might find them.
  • Donor Tip #5: Pamphlets Have a copywriter create stunning content about your endeavor. Pick topics that closely relate to your cause. Have pamphlets ready to pass out at networking events in order to inform the public about the issues that will be resolved through procuring donations to fund your campaign.

By starting a print marketing campaign, you are introducing other people to the messages behind your cause. You’ll lock in more donations for your campaign by getting more people talking about your ideas. Use a combination of the tips discussed here to maximize the return on this marketing investment.


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