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How to Feel Your Most Confident This Festival Season


How to Feel Your Most Confident This Festival Season

Festival season is back and bigger (some might even say better) than ever. After a year or two of many festivals being canceled, it’s time to rejoin your fellow ravers and let the energy soar.

If you missed some of the bigger raves this season (Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, Electric Forest Festival, Beyond Wonderland PNW, Groove Cruise, Bonnaroo, Coachella, Project Glow, Forbidden Kingdom, Dreamstate Harbor, Day Trip Festival, Project Z), there’s still time to get amped up for the next ones— Imagine Music Festival, Electric Zoo, Hard Summer, Lost Lands, Global Dance Festival, Lollapalooza Music Festival, CRSSD, Moonrise Festival, Imagine Music Festival, Life is Beautiful, Nocturnal Wonderland, Dreamstate Festival.

But after so much time off, it’s normal to need a little inspiration on getting your confidence back. So, here are 9 ways to feel your most confident this festival season.

Show some skin

Festivals are the one place where you can be as free as you want, so don’t be afraid to show some skin. There’s tremendous beauty in showing off your form and with so much festival clothing to choose from the process is all the more fun. Unlike everyday outfits, festivals allow you to get creative. Your body parts are forms of art and the right outfit can turn simple skin into forms of expression.

Be bold with color

You didn’t come to a music festival to be boring, because that’s not who you are. To feel the most confidence this festival season be bold with color. Go with every shade in the rainbow, and even the ones in between. Neons, pastels, dark hues. Heck, you can even transform gothic into bold statements. These are opportunities to be as adventurous on the outside as you are on the inside. Do it with your outfit, your shoes, your hairstyle, and especially your makeup (hello dramatic eyes!).

Unleash your inner being

Did you know there are dozens of trend styles out there to choose from? Alien, butterfly, chain, dragon, flame, 420, marabou, mesh, reflective, tie-dye, abstract, unicorn, holographic—if you can imagine it you can become it. To feel your most confident this festival season become fearless and unleash your inner being. Tap into the person, animal, or entity you’ve always dreamed of becoming and let that audacious flag fly.

Switch things up

Festivals typically last two to three days. So, why choose to only be one version of yourself? With festival clothing, and all the different trends, you can tap into different forms of your personality and inner desires. Switch things up each day and watch how your natural confidence unfolds and flows through the energy of the festival. At festivals, everyone is equal and no one judges. Feel free to be as many styles of you as you wish.

Be bedazzled

Beyond what you wear is how you wear it. Bedazzling your entire body can shimmer and shine your confidence from the outside in. Put rhinestones up and down your entire body for a full shimmery feel. Place them on your eyelashes for sparkle, along your eyebrows to look fierce, trace the outline of your leg for an elongated look, right above your pelvic bone to show off your midsection, or along your collar bone to stand out like an animal. You can go bigger and brighter or small and simple to compliment the rest of your look.

Channel your favorite artist

If you’re going to rave, rave with your fave. A lot of ravers have a particular artist they’re especially psyched to see, and the rest of the festival just sort of falls around them. One way to up your confidence is to channel your favorite artist’s style, sound, and energy. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Look up their attitude, their outfits, their hairstyle, their music, and zone in.

Grab some inspo

If not from your favorite artist, try to grab some inspo from social media—influencers, celebrities, and even your friends. Another way to get inspired is to look up what type of world excites you most—a book, a style, a fantasy world, a movie—and take ideas from it. You can pull different energies from different places to amp you up before a big festival. Blast that music and get lost in your inspiration.

Grab a good gang

The best way to feel your most confident is to surround yourself with a group of people you enjoy. Head into festival season with a gang that will rev you up and adds to the transformation of the overall experience. The stronger your gang is the more confident you will feel.

Leave no trace

Want to leave feeling as confident as you arrived? Then be sure to leave with everything you arrived with. Festivals are a great opportunity to pay homage to the natural world, with many festivals taking place in nature. They dissolve as quickly as they pop up (thanks to inspirational frameworks like Burning Man). Be respectful to your surroundings and leave no trace of your existence behind. Being ephemeral feels universal by design, and it will leave you feeling truly remarkable.

Unleash your most confident self this festival season, and every festival season. You have the power within you. Now, just create that energy.

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