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6 Signs Your Loved One is Suffering From an Addiction


6 Signs Your Loved One is Suffering From an AddictionDeveloping a problem with drugs or alcohol is a very common problem, one that often involves serious consequences. Possessing a better understanding of addiction is often essential. Being able to recognize the signs of a chemical dependency or addiction is often the first step towards seeking help and beginning the process of recovery.

1. Depression

Those who develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol commonly suffer from other mental health issues. Using drugs in an attempt to self-medicate or manage another condition can quickly lead to problems. Even those who have never had a problem with depression may find themselves unable to regulate their moods effectively due to their addiction.

2. Trouble Sleeping

Stimulants and tranquilizers are not the only substances with the potential to cause significant disruption to sleeping habits. Almost any addiction may lead to increased irritability or heightened anxiety. Difficulty sleeping is one of the most common signs that someone may be developing a problem with drugs or alcohol.

3. Loss of Interest in Hobbies 

Keeping up with day to day interests can become increasingly difficult for those who suffer from an addiction. Sudden loss of interest in sports, hobbies or other activities may indicate a deeper problem. Loss of interests may be an even stronger indicator of a problem in situations where other warning signs may have been noticed.

4. Difficulty Managing Responsibilities

Addictions can be very time consuming. The distraction, anxiety and loss of focus that an addiction may be causing can make it all but impossible to handle responsibilities. Missing important events or blowing off key responsibilities may indicate that someone is struggling with chemical dependency or addiction.

5. Trouble With Relationships 

Addiction is often devastating in terms of both personal and professional relationships. Trouble at home or even issues with relationships at work are often a strong indication of a problem with drugs or alcohol. It is also common for addiction to develop in situations where drug or alcohol use has increased in response to the issues caused by a troubled relationship.

6. Secrecy

Increased secrecy is often one of the main indications that someone is struggling with addiction. Noticing that a spouse or family member may be hiding their activities, lying about their actions or trying to hide their drug or alcohol use is a very serious sign of a problem. Those who may be cornered that a friend, family member or loved one may be suffering from addiction should stay alert for signs of increased secrecy.

Seeking Help

Overcoming an addiction can be difficult, even under the best circumstances. Often formal care, medical treatment and the other resources needed to recover from an addiction end up playing a critical role. Recognizing the signs that someone may be suffering from an addiction is essential for ensuring that they are able to obtain the help and assistance they require to begin the recovery process.


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