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8 Instant Benefits of Giving a Gift Made of Wood


8 Instant Benefits of Giving a Gift Made of Wood1. You Can Save Money by Re-purposing Old Objects.

If you are gifting to a collector or craftsman, you can save money and giving them something they would appreciate. Bear in mind that when gifting something requiring restoration, wood quality and the person’s craftiness are important factors; not every person has the proper level of expertise with a paint stripper or varnish.

2. A Self-Made Wooden Gift Can Really Show That You Care.

Whether you want to whittle a driftwood schooner for your father, saw logs into upholstery for your mother or even break out the power tools to make a high chair for your sister’s first child, a hand-made wooden gift can be an excellent opportunity to improve upon your woodworking skills.

3. You Are Giving a Physical Good.

One of the most immediate benefits of a wooden gift is that it can be grasped, felt and even serve as decoration, depending on the specific item. While gift cards are usually seen as a safe fallback in gift-giving, giving a wooden gift can be a more direct comment on your fondness for that person.

4. Wood Affords a Variety Of Gift Options.

There are over 100 varieties of tree in this world. This means that you can greatly tailor wooden furnishings to the room they are intended to reside within, complementing the wallpaper and lighting instead of clashing with them.

5. You Can Give Someone A Permanent Residence.

As long as you keep your finances in check, a wooden house can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift, especially as a first home for a newlywed couple or a retirement home for your parents.

6. It Allows You To be Extra Generous.

If you really want your wooden gift to wow that special person, consider throwing in some polish; it shows not only that you care but you are aware that even the best presents can require some maintenance. You can even make wood polish yourself to knock your gift out of the park:

  • Fill a measuring cup with one cup of oil and then add one-quarter of a cup of beeswax.
  • Heat the mixture until the wax melts, either via microwave or stone.
  • Pour the mixture into whatever container you’ll gift it in and stir it every half hour until it cools.

7. Wooden Toys Are Traditional For Reasons.

Wooden toys do not require electricity, including batteries to function. Being wooden means that well-treated toys can survive multiple generations, making them a great gift that keeps giving.

8. It Can Bolster Your Spirit.

While true of giving any gift, giving a wooden gift can give you that warm feeling of happiness that improves your outlook and repels the effects of stress.


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