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5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign


5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing CampaignEmail marketing remains one of the more affordable forms of building business reputations and attracting new customers. Your goal is to make sure your ROI for each campaign is as great as possible. As you begin to design a new campaign, keep these five ideas in mind. Doing so increases the odds of accomplishing your goals.

Qualified Lists Only 

While this suggestion has been around since the beginning of the Internet, some business owners still don’t get it. The last thing you want to do is spend good money for a list that is nothing more than a collection of random email addresses. What you want is a qualified list that only includes the addresses of people who have expressed some interest in the types of products your company has to offer. Whether that list is assembled using an opt-in link that you share or your website and social media accounts or purchased from a third party who guarantees the list is current and only includes qualified leads is up to you.

List Segmentation Matters

List segmentation is a common sense way to reach out to targeted demographics. Dividing the list of recipients by industry, location, economic level, or any other attribute you like increases the odds for success. That’s because you can use customized emails that are more likely to attract the attention from people within each of those list segments. Since the custom emails resonate more fully with them, they are more likely to respond.

Make the Content Informative and Easy to Scan 

You already know that people like blog posts and online articles that are informative and easy to scan. The same approach will work with the body of your email. Make sure the content provides real value to the readers. Feel free to use formatting like sub-headers, bullet points, and anything else that makes it all the easier for the reader to find what he or she is most interested in learning about your business.

Do Pay Attention to the Subject Lines 

Subject lines are your first opportunity to engage with the recipients. If it does nothing to motivate them to open the email and read at least the first paragraph, you’ve lost the opportunity. Tailor the subject lines so they are direct and tell something about what the email is all about. Keep your target audience in mind. If humor is likely to attract positive attention, use it. When a question is likely to entice the reader to open the email, go with that approach.

Optimize the Email for Display on Mobile Devices

The days of people using email clients on desktop computers only are over. Today, consumers are more likely to view emails on smartphones or tablets. That means optimizing the email body for display on a mobile device. If the recipients find it hard to read on the smaller screen, they are more likely to close the email and send it to the trash.

Take a good look at your past email campaigns. Would any of these suggestions increase the return on your investment of time and resources? Give them a try and see what happens. You may be surprised at what a difference they make.


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