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5 Benefits of Synthetic Oil


5 Benefits of Synthetic OilWhen you go in for an oil change you are most likely told that you need to go with synthetic oil instead of conventional oil. You are told the same thing by other mechanics, people at the parts store, dealership, and so on. Why does the majority of mechanics recommend that you use synthetic oil? There are still loyalists to the old way of things when it come to the automotive industry and not everyone is ready to make the switch.

Using synthetic oil instead of conventional oil is a more expensive choice. Is it worth the extra money? Yes. Here are the top 5 benefits of synthetic oil:

Synthetic Oil Helps Improve Engine Life.
There is reduced wear on the engine with synthetic oil. Plus synthetic oil helps to protect inside while helping to clean out the engine by removing plugged up internal sludge. Synthetic oil is known to prolong the life of an engine and prevent major malfunctioning.

Using synthetic oil gives you better fuel economy and engine performance.
AAA  says that engines that used synthetic oil performed better almost 50 percent of the time.The fuel economy will be slightly better indicating good engine performance. The overall oil consumption should also improve and remain more balanced.

Synthetic Oil Lasts Longer
You can wait longer to get your oil changed because synthetic oil is cleaner with less carbon and dirt built up and accumulated in your engine. With a cleaner engine you will be able to go thousands of extra miles before you go in for your scheduled oil change, even though this is not recommended.

You Get Better All Weather Performance with Synthetic Oil
Road tests have proven that vehicles using synthetic motor oil perform better in severe hot and cold weather. Your vehicle will also be more likely to start up in severe weather when using synthetic oil.

Less Emissions Means a More Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil
The dirty conventional oil that is being remove from your car after every oil change is more hazardous than when synthetic oil is being used.

It is no secret that synthetic oil is a better choice compared to conventional oil. Synthetic blend and full synthetic oils have become a choice on the shelves of most of the local auto parts stores. The biggest disadvantage of synthetic oil is the extra cost when compared to conventional oil. Many times the cost is more than double the amount for a full synthetic oil change. Motor oil quality is vital to keep a car running great. If you care about keeping your car in the best shape that you can go with synthetic motor oil every time.


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