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3 Beginner’s Tips to Choosing a Cigar


3 Beginner's Tips to Choosing a Cigar

For more than two centuries, man has built a fascination with the pleasant pastime of cigar smoking. Men, both famous and common, have gathered in smoking lounges and around humidors to partake in the massively comforting hobby. You try it a few times and figure that you’re going to find a cigar you like but you don’t know where to begin. Here are three ways to get started when choosing a cigar.

First thing you should do is to find a few types of cigars to try out. While there are many different kinds of cigars to choose from, some would say the best way to start is to choose a mild flavor then try fuller types as your tastes evolve. Purchase one cigar at a time so you aren’t committed to flavors that you find you don’t like. If you enjoy a drink, cigars typically pair well with certain drink types. Some popular drink choices are whiskey, bourbon, and cognac because the cigars don’t overpower the taste like in the case of vodka or gin.

Secondly, listen to recommendations from other people who have experience with cigar smoking. Visit cigar bars and lounges and see what other people like. Have them tell you their reasons. Chances are that you resonate with one or more of their experiences which will allow you to gain some great insights on what kind of cigars you should move toward. People are usually eager to pass on a few of their favorites which can be valuable to those just getting started.

Lastly, when choosing a cigar, make sure to check for quality. Look to be certain that there are no tears and that the cigar doesn’t appear dry. These are for sure to compromise the integrity of the how it will burn. Feel along the length of the cigar to ensure that there are no gaps which can make it fall apart as you smoke. Size is related to the amount of time smoking as opposed to the taste itself so you won’t be forfeiting the taste by buying a smaller brand. Choose a less expensive brand as your tastes will not be polished enough to appreciate the high priced choices.

Ultimately, when choosing a cigar, it is up to you and your preferences. Be patient as you develop your tastes and over time, your likes and dislikes will begin present themselves to you. Remember to try what others recommend and adjust your style accordingly. Whether you are on vacation or just finished a long shift of work, choosing a good cigar can greatly complement your experience.


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