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How to Dress for the Gym


How to Dress for the GymOn any given day, a diverse range of individuals can be found working out, socializing, and enjoying favorite activities at the gym. Some people are never concerned about what they wear. For these individuals, training far outweighs the need to advertise a refined fashion sense. Other people are highly concerned about their gym attire. Yes, they want to look good, but they also recognize that certain clothing types can provide assistance with training. They can also boost confidence.

Reasons for Choosing Gym Clothes Types

Whatever type of outfit a person decides on wearing to the gym, it should fit fitness goals. It should also reflect the type of gym attended. If a person is working out in an old-school free weight-oriented gym, simplicity is key. Most patrons will be focused on building bodies, rather than couture reputations.

Exclusive gyms that have a spa-like environment attract members who like to dress well for the occasion. Though fitness is at the core, there is an expectation to be social and fairly trendy. For this reason, it is appropriate to wear outfits that dazzle with color, branding, and even a hefty price tag.

There are however, basic principles that should guide a person when choosing the right gym clothes. These include,

* Matching the overall style of the majority of other members.

* Being respectful of a gym’s atmosphere. If it’s a family gym, see-through yoga pants are probably not a good idea.

* Dressing for a specific activity. Compression shorts for spinning, sweat shirts for cardio, and running tights for Spartan training are some examples.

* Dressing for a body type. If a person is extremely overweight, short shorts could be a last choice. Alternatively, of course, this does not mean that people with model bodies should always wear revealing attire.

Overall, gym clothing should serve multiple purposes. It should,

* Provide comfort. This is especially true in different seasons.

* Convey a sense of social and workout facility etiquette.

* Accentuate positive and attractive body features in a modest way.

* Contribute to a gym’s intended atmosphere. This is true for family, spa, sport-specific, or hardcore gyms.

* Assist a person in feeling confident, clean, safe, and attractive while working out.

Appropriate Gym Clothes for Men

Most men measure their workout quality and fitness success by two factors. They are muscular body changes over time, and the amount of sweat produced each workout sessions. Men should wear clothing that fits their preferred activity, but is also attractive and acceptable for a mixed crowd. This means forgetting the sweaty white tank top and torn blue jeans from their job at the construction site. Instead, men should stick to properly sized athletic shorts, cotton tee shirts, fashion tank tops, and sturdy sneakers. Variations of these are welcomed in most gyms. These include pro tights and mat shoes for leg day, branded gear with gym-related messages for general inspiration, and items made from wicking material that dries quickly. Men should also feel free to experiment with color, and wearing modest form-fitting items.

By far, the most important thing men should remember about their gym clothes, is to wash them regularly. Any hard body appearance is immediately destroyed if a man smells terrible before his workout even begins. Stick to light cotton fabrics, quick-dry polyesters, and items meant for sports like stretch power lifting shirts.

Gym Clothes for Women

Women have many more options for gym clothes than men. They can wear sporty items, or rough training gear. Overall, women’s gym clothes should match body type, personality, favorite colors and cuts, and preferred materials. Again, modesty and multi-function is key. Lightweight tees, hip,thigh, or knee-length shorts, running leggings, modest sport tops, and sneakers work in almost any gym environment. The level of fashion-forwardness communicated by these items is up to the individual.

One item that should be of importance to all women is a good sports bra. Not only does this item provide support during any activity, but it provides comfort with any other type of gym clothing. Women should focus on wearing light cotton, sturdy lycra, dual-stretch fabrics, and sporty synthetics. They should almost always avoid mesh, weaves, sheer materials, denim, satin, and beach wear in the gym.

The choices for male and female gym clothes are nearly endless. Every gym member can find a good combination of appropriate styles, fabrics, and colors for their personal fitness goals. Remember, as a body changes and becomes more fit from attending a gym, a person should feel comfortable changing their style. Always keep in mind that shock value is far less important and impressive, than feeling confident and looking pleasant.


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