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The Most Interesting TV Models 


The Most Interesting Tv Models 

Every year is a breakthrough year for the television industry. Many of the models presented at the show have the chance to fundamentally change the entire industry. Here we have collected the best and most interesting models of the last few years.

48″ CX OLED From LG

CX OLED blurs the line between TV and gaming monitor. You can easily connect your gaming steering wheel to it and enjoy an incredibly high quality game. The device has all the necessary features of a gaming monitor: low input delay, variable refresh rate (VRR), high frame rate. Thanks to the built-in video processor, CX OLED produces high image quality. The model has a wide dynamic brightness range: HDR (High Dynamic Range). Overall, the functionality of the TV fully meets the requirements of people who want to get the best out of playing games and watching movies.

Samsung Q950TS

The Samsung Q950TS model with a thickness of only 15 mm is the best achievement of this year’s TV industry – many experts aver. Q950TS has virtually no frame, and the image occupies 99% of the screen. If the TV set is hung on the wall, its edges are practically invisible. The model is equipped with a QLED-display with 8K resolution.

Mini-LED Technology And Vidrian By TCL

TCL 6 Series TVs are equipped with mini-LED backlighting technology. This step should put serious pressure on other manufacturers, which are introducing the technology only in prototypes so far.

Mini-LED technology allows multiple improvements in contrast and brightness. The company claims that the first TVs using Vidrian Mini-LED technology should hit the market this year.


The new OLED TVs from U.S. company Vizio are ready to become a serious competitor to Philips, LG, Sony, as well as the segment’s newcomer, the Chinese company Konka. This means that consumers, ideally, will get more affordable and high-quality TV models at a lower price.

We should also note Vizio’s success in the premium LCD TV segment. An example is the P Series Quantum X, which demonstrates the highest image quality and competes with market leaders such as Samsung and Sony. Meanwhile, the new Vizio video processor, which the company has been working on for 4 years, looks promising, and the SmartCast system works much better than previous models.


Sony has made some interesting design changes to its existing devices and has integrated the X1 Ultimate image processor into its budget models. In essence, the new Sony TVs are upgraded to last year’s models.

In addition, one of the key features missing from Sony’s lineup is the latest HDMI 2.1 interface, which all TVs on the list offer. Perhaps, if the A9S, a version of LG’s 48-inch OLED TV “through Sony’s eyes,” had been on display, it would have been something new. However, that model is still under development.

LG’s Flexible Tv In A Pedestal LG OLED TV R

In January 2019, LG unveiled the concept of its new collapsible OLED TV R at CES 2019. It takes no more than 10 seconds to fully unfold the screen.

Such an interior model was supposed to go on sale the same summer – but for now, continues to be only a concept. It was shown again, emphasizing three modes and an aspect ratio of 21:9, instead of the standard format 16:9. The model has a 4K screen with a diagonal of 65 inches (so far, the only option, which is expected on the market). When you press the remote control button, the form factor of the TV changes depending on the selected mode:

  • Full View – Full View. The TV screen is unfolded and ready to view content. 
  • Line View – Partial View. Allows you to use the TV as a clock or audio system. 
  • Zero View – Zero View. Matrix is completely hidden in the cradle. You can use the equipment in this mode only as an audio system. To play music, the TV has a built-in frontal 4.2-channel audio system with a capacity of 100 watts. 

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