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7 Shocking Videos On The Internet: Number 6 Will Make You Hate Love


7 Shocking Videos On The Internet

The internet boasts an infinite amount of awe-inspiring videos. You can’t even watch some of these videos if you don’t have a strong stomach.

A couple of shocking videos gets released on the wide web now and then. But if you don’t spend time to research, you may never find them to watch.

From a couple of friends fighting to a skyscraper enthusiast jumping to his death, the videos on the internet are just too creepy.

So, we have gathered a sizeable number of these videos for your viewing pleasure.

Are you ready? Alright, let’s dive in.

Video#1: Nine Skydivers Plane Crashes But No Casualty:

Source: NBCNews

We all know how dangerous plane crashes can be. Not every passenger in a crashed plane live to tell the tale. For nine bold and fantastic skydivers, a funfilled trip would have ended in sorrow for their families. But luck was on their side.

What happened in the video was between two planes carrying nine skydivers. One thing led to another, and both aircrafts crashed into each other. One of the plane’s wings got ripped off immediately, while the other’s propeller and wing got ripped off too.

The good news was that all nine skydivers jumped out right on time from 12 feet above Wisconsin and parachuted to the ground. One of the pilots did the same, and the other managed to pull an emergency landing, though sustained some minor cuts.

The situation could have been more tragic, but it seems it was the best time for the nine skydivers to show their braveness.


Video#2: The Fortunate Skier Who Fell From 1,600 Foot

Do you know someone can lose their life from a 5-foot fall? It’s rare but very possible. Now, what could happen when someone falls from a five-story building? That’s about 60 to 75 feet tall you know. Unfortunately, it takes some luck to survive a fall from such a height.

Watching Ian McIntosh ripping down diverse hills will make you dream of becoming a professional skier one day. But the risk attached to skiing will make you want to change your mind. Not many skiers have had the opportunity to tell tales of their numerous explorations.

The name Ian McIntosh strikes fear in the hearts of many skiers. Most skiers cannot dare to do things Ian McIntosh does on a normal day. His abilities and maneuvering are out of this world.

Understanding Ian’s family will give you a good reason to not doubt his ability. He comes from a family comprising of ski-mad individuals. Ian McIntosh got nominated for the best male skier of the year award at some point in his blistering career.

Ian always floods the internet with awe-inspiring videos of his outdoor explorations. But his career almost ended while busy shooting a video for Teton Gravity Research.

Ian landed on a line he thought he had appropriately studied, only to find himself in a deep trench. He quickly pulled his airbag to prevent impact injuries and did everything possible to stop his momentum.

In the end, it took Ian approximately 1600 feet to stop himself. Teton Gravity Research uploaded the shocking video of Ian’s near-death experience. You can watch it here and see how shocking the video is.

Video#3: Famed Chinese Rooftoper Falls To His Death From A Skyscraper.

Now this one is shocking! Please make sure you have a strong stomach before watching this video. Have you ever watched someone fall to their death? If yes, then what ran through your mind at that point?

A Chinese fellow famous for doing parkour and climbing tall buildings met his waterloo. He climbed a massive skyscraper and tried to hold the edge of the building. Unlucky for him, he couldn’t carry himself back, and time was running out.

He started to tire out, and his grip began to wane. Unfortunately, he soon lost his grip and fell to his death. It was painful hearing him scream while falling to the ground.

You can watch the video and see how this fellow’s life was cut short.

It was evident that this Chinese rooftoper hadn’t studied the building properly or planned for unforeseen circumstances.

Video#4: Two Drunken Friends Jumped To Their Death

The reason we keep friends is to have companions. Friends can keep you company, encourage or lift you up whenever life knocks you down. Friends merry and build great memories. But after watching this video, you will question the essence of having friends.

Being drunk exposes an individual to great danger, which is not only health-related. You’ll have little control over yourself and poor decision-making ability when drunk. The saying “don’t drink and drive” should also apply to other life situations. If you’re drunk, don’t ever go near a valley.

In this next video, two closed drunken friends, as deduced from the video, jumped to their death. This incident happened in Maharashtra, India. You can hear the third friend’s voice in the background, encouraging them to make a move. The evil in his heart, so to speak, didn’t allow him to prevent them from jumping or being in such dangerous position.

You can tell from the video that these two young able-bodied men were heavily drunk. They were no longer in control of themselves. The alcohol was.

Watch the video and see how horrible the situation was. You indeed would be bursting with anger, knowing that the third friend videoing the incident would have helped. But instead, he was busy recording them. By the way, who needs enemies when you have such a friend by your side?

Video#5: Firecracker Sends Youngster Flying

If you’re a parent or someone who still has younger siblings at home, it will be easier to understand how ridiculous children can be. Kids can be naughty at times. Their actions will make you laugh, cry, and sometimes question if you aren’t doing enough to keep them safe.

This next video is about a kid who threw a firecracker in a utility hole. What happened next was shocking, but thankfully, there were no casualties. The firecracker exploded in the utility hole and immediately sent the youngster flying.

Shockingly, the boy landed 3 meters aware from the scene, and other kids were screaming in the background. It was evident that they were all terrified by the incident.

This incident happened in China, and the locals claim it happens almost every year. Such an act can cost a kid his or her life. So parents should ensure their kids never engage in such.

You can watch the video and see how these kids almost ended their lives. The video is both shocking and hilarious.

Video#6: A Woman Runs Over A Bicycle-Riding Boyfriend. 

How quickly many relationships turn sour is still a mystery. Most couples profess love to one another. But when hatred takes over, probably due to irreconcilable differences, the intense feeling couples once had suddenly disappears.

No matter how offended couples are, there’s no reason to hurt one another. This next video is a clear definition of hatred. It shows that people can still go the extra mile to hurt the ones they love.

The video showed a woman who ran over her bicycle-riding boyfriend in a red Mustang. How she plowed into the man caused him to land awkwardly. It was purely out of luck that the poor man didn’t lose his precious life at the spot.

From the video captured by the neighborhood’s strategically placed surveillance camera, it was evident that the woman ran over her boyfriend on purpose. The woman’s name is Misty Wilke. And according to the 44-year-old lady, her action was because her boyfriend has HIV, which infuriated her.

It was evident that the lady had the virus via her man, someone she trusted with her body. And really, these experiences can be painful and mess with anyone’s mind. But attempting to kill another person for such a reason is never the best thing to do.

Watch the video and see how hatred or anger can drive people to commit homicide.

Video#7: A Pretty Lady Unknowingly Live-Streamed Her Death.

Source: DailyMail.co.uk

Watching a live-stream where some died unexpectedly can be painful. Such videos might remain on the memories of relatives after watching them.

This next shocking video is about a woman and her friend traveling in a car. And take note, the lady live-streaming the incident wasn’t driving. She was only streaming.

Before they know what was happening, the driver bumped into a barrier with super high speed. And that was the end of their journey on planet earth.


How did you feel after watching each video? Were you perplexed? You surely should. It’s never easy watching people die in such a painful way or come face to face with death. Even if you happen not to know the victims, you will still feel sorry for them and their families.

The next address goes to stunt masters. If you must do stunts, please make sure you don’t put your life at risk. Remember your parents and loved ones care about you. How would they feel and react when you get harmed while pulling a stunt? Think about that.

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