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Is Hangouts safe? All You Need To Know About Hangouts


Is Hangouts safe

In recent times, Google Hangouts has become the loved and most preferred messaging and communication platform.

However, many Google Hangouts users have been questioning if Google hangouts chats are secure and private. Or whether the hangout app is entirely safe for use.  To give you peace of mind, we need to first answer the question;

Is Hangouts safe?

Yes, Google Hangouts is safe and secure to use. Like other media platforms, Google hangouts encrypt their users’ data, including chats, conversations, and every other bit of information.

It ensures the safety and privacy of its users, so don’t be worried about Google hangouts. Your information is guarded.

Google Hangouts

It is commonly referred to as hangouts; it was founded in 2013 by Google. It was created to replace Google+ messenger and Google talk.

It is an all-in-one communication platform. Google combined the various calling and messaging interface to form one platform, hangouts.

It is one of Google’s neat services. It offers one the chance to chat, make calls and hold video conferences. You can connect with friends and family regardless of location and time.

It was created to better the communication experience of its users. It has excellent and highly secured android and IOS apps. It can also be integrated with Google + and Gmail.

Google hangouts value its users’ privacy. When you send messages, the information is only visible to you and the other person.

However, Google Hangouts do not have the end to end encryption. It means Google has access to your hangouts information. For any reason, if the government request to access your hangouts conversations. Google could allow access.

It should not worry you in any way unless you are a criminal on the run. The information is only given under strict circumstances.

How To Stay Safe Using Hangouts

1. Block report or ignore someone

Any user who does not know you and wants to chat is required to send an invitation. The Google hangouts system filters spam invites to protect its users. The filtered invites go into their separate screen.

If a spam invitation is not filtered, or when you are not comfortable in a hangout with a person, you can block them. When you stop a person, they can’t send you messages. Although, they can see you’re online.

2. Secure your account with a strong password

Having a great password is the first step of securing your hangouts account. It should be unique but not so complex. Complex passwords may be hard to remember.

3. Customize your settings

You can choose to be contacted directly or get invites by only your phone number or email address. You will be contacted by the people you trust and know, like friends and family members.

4. Protect your credentials

When using public or shared computers, always remember to log out. It will prevent someone else from having access to your hangouts account.

Google Hangouts Benefits

Besides, hangouts offering free chats and voice calls across the USA. It is loved by many for its excellent connectivity, general usability, and unique features set.

It can also be seamlessly integrated with other Google services and apps such as Gmail and Google+. It has also been a great tool to many businesses; it has enabled buyers and sellers to stay in touch.

Using Google hangouts will give you the next level of experience in your day-to-day work follow. Here are a few ways how.

1. Faster communication

There is a hangout app on chrome. It means it is available for those using chrome books, window, or mac. Having a hangouts app on chrome has brought messaging closer to the surface of browsing. One can easily access it without being intrusive.

The sidebar version of Google Hangouts is also still available in the Gmail tab. Although the app is quite extraordinary, once you’ve tried the hangouts app, you’ll forever be tied to it.

2. Easy access to the chat history

Finding this feature is a no-brainer. You can look up your search history directly from the Gmail search bar. Don’t worry; there is an option that allows you to turn off search history. It will prevent someone that is not you from finding and going through your past conversations.

But we all have that one moment when you need to retrace your footsteps. To find the link or contact that was long sent to you by a friend. During this time, you will love how easy the search process is.

3. Accessible from any device

Hangouts work on all devices, from the phone, tablet to computers. There will be no more emailing back and setting up conferences to get back to the same page. It has made it easy for hangouts to be accessed from any place, any time.

4. Pricing

Hangouts sign up and use free. The one thing you need is a Google account. After signing up, you can send messages, pictures and make video or voice calls at no cost.

For those who wish to have the hangout services on their tablets or phone. Can download the hangouts app for free from the play store.

5. Video chats

You can have live video chats with your contacts. The most basic requirement is having a great quality camera and good network connectivity.

You can make then make face-to-face conversations through your computer or phone. You can also create a room for discussion and invite those in your contact or otherwise.

6. Phone calls

Through hangouts, you have the freedom to make free phone calls to anyone in the world. You can make a call even to those who are not on your Google Contacts list. The calls to those in the USA and Canada are free. To overseas calls, rates are always moderately priced and can be afforded by almost everybody.

7. Sharing of text messages, pictures, and more

Chatting becomes more interesting when one uses emoticons, pictures. Hangout gives you the chance to spice up conversations with them. It can also help in building strong connections with new people.

Disadvantages Of Google Hangouts

1. You need a Google+ Account

As much as it is compatible with all operating systems, one has to register with Google+ to have access and enjoy all the hangouts features.

However, creating the Google+ account is not complicated or difficult, so this is not a factor that can lessen the hangouts’ advantages.

2. One cannot set a status

For some reason, people love customizing their statutes. For example, someone can be busy and might want to inform his contacts about his unavailability.

This feature will save him headaches. Google hangouts have no feature that allows status customization. They only show online or offline status.

3. No message track

You cannot know whether the other person has received or read your message. Almost all big communication platforms have offered this feature. Most people love keeping track of their messages.

Suitable Google Hangouts Users

It is a great social platform for Google lovers who wish to communicate with friends and family members?

It is also suitable for a small group of people who wish to interact, share and discuss ideas. Hangouts cannot be used by anyone who needs additional marketing features like email marketing, reporting, analytics, automated webinars, etc.

It easy and first to use. During emergency meetings, you can start your webinar in some seconds. You can integrate your session into your YouTube account. All the recorded webinars will automatically be downloaded and uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Alternatives to Google Hangouts

At the time, the hangouts’ functionality may significantly be affected depending on the type of platform. The platforms range from mobile to browser.

Its integration with other Google services (Google Voice, Gmail, and Google chrome) can be tiresome. More so, to those who do not use a lot of products from Google.

However, there are other user-friendly alternatives to Google. They are equally secure and do not need to be heavily tied to other networks or services.

 1. Skype

It is prevalent and is currently run by Microsoft, one of Google’s biggest rivals. It offers the same services as hangouts. But unlike hangouts, calls are paid for, even if it is within the US or Canada.

2. WeChat

The WeChat app also offers the same services as Google hangouts. It has an additional feature of money transfer to other people.

It allows one to follow promotions and activities of companies and famous people.

3. Whereby

It is the most straightforward alternative to hangouts. You go to the Whereby website and sign up for an account. You then pick a name for your chat room.

After creating an account, you can send the web address to those you want to talk to. You can send the web address through email, phone call, or text message.

4. Line

It is an exciting alternative to hangouts. It has some additional features like games, hidden chats, and user interface customization. In other words, it a more socially oriented communication platform.

5. Viber

Viber has a social approach. It offers services like public chat rooms for various topics, custom emotion stickers that are purchased. It is unique and loved for its two key features. It does not show advertisements- ever.

Then calls through Viber are covered at a flat subscription rate. Meaning it’s not charged on per call basis. However, the user can only access these features from the Viber app.


Hangouts are one of Google’s best inventions. It was created to replace Google Talk. Its features are unique and simple to use. Plus, its users’ information is well secured.

You can use the hangouts services from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone.  Its video and conference can hold up to 10 users.

You can also share your emotions through messages, calls, and one on one video calls. All in all, the best thing about hangouts is that all its services are free.

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