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3 Common College Stresses And How To Handle Them


3 Common College Stresses And How To Handle Them

For most, college is a time of growth and discovery. It’s an opportunity not only to build your skillsets, but also to develop a deeper understanding of who you are, and what you can accomplish. This transitional period of education can open the door to a host of new pathways for growth in the years to come. However, it’s worth remembering that college has its challenges to consider too. Stress is a common factor for a lot of college students, and it comes in many different flavors. Knowing how to handle the anxiety, worry, and tension you might feel as you move towards your goals will ensure you have the best possible chance of success. Here are 3 common issues you might face, and how you can manage them. 

Financial Stress

The first, and perhaps most common form of strain you’re likely to experience as a student, will affect your finances. Ultimately, no matter where you choose to go to college, you’re going to have fees you need to pay, whether it’s for accommodation, lectures, travel, or resources. A good way to reduce this headache is to look for help as soon as possible. You can apply for various scholarships and grants online to assist with paying fees you’ll need to manage during college. Doing your research early will ensure you’re know exactly how much you need to prepare to pay, so you can arrange an effective budget. 

Study Stress

Not all of the lessons you’ll cover in your college years will fall into place naturally. You might find yourself struggling with different topics along the way, or panicking over impending tests and examinations from time to time. The best way to handle this kind of stress, is to be prepared. Make sure you have all the resources you need to guide you if you’re struggling with a topic. This could mean buying extra books, speaking to your teachers, or even joining a study group. At the same time, make sure you have plenty of time in your schedule to devote to reading and learning. 

Social Stress 

College isn’t just a time to build your knowledge, it can also be a fantastic opportunity to develop your network and social connections. However, trying to keep up with an active social life, and manage your bills and study responsibilities at the same time can be difficult. A good way to handle this issue is to work out a schedule. Find out which days or times you want to devote specifically to things like research and study, and which times you have available to interact with your friends. It’s all about maintaining a good level of balance. So don’t force yourself to stay in and study all the time, but don’t say yes to every party. 

Stop The Stress

Worry and stress are common parts of the college experience. But if you learn how to handle them early, you’ll learn how to be happy and how to ensure you can continue to thrive throughout each year of your education. Remember, there’s always the option to seek out support from counsellors if you’re overwhelmed.


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