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Best USP-S Under $50 — USP-S | Orion


Best USP-S Under $50

Default pistols, such as USP-S, are integral to the game. USP-S is a default pistol with a silencer, good accuracy, and a small magazine size. This post will discuss USP-S skins, especially the USP-S | Orion.

USP-S | Orion — The Biggest Beast of the USP-S Series

USP-S | Orion will always get a special recommendation for the USP-S series as its design is extraordinarily unique and eye-catching. The colours of this CS:GO game skin are an amalgamation of stylish grey, elegant black, and glossy orange. The highest price of USPS Orion can reach up to $100 and $125 for the standard and StatTrak™ versions respectively, with Battle-Scarred exteriors. We recommend going for the StatTrak™ technology instead of standard, as they are much better investments and remain less vulnerable to continuous market shifts.

Where to Buy and Sell USP-S Skins

There are two options for buying USP-S skins: the official Steam marketplace, and third-party marketplaces. Steam ensures 100% safety, but the prices are at least 20% higher than third-party marketplaces. On the contrary, if you want to buy USP-S skins from third-party platforms, the price is low, but your safety can be on the line.

The options are the same for selling the USP-S skins as well: Steam, and third-party marketplaces. The Steam prices are very high, but all your earnings are deposited in your Steam Wallet. These funds can be used later only to buy skins from Steam. On the other hand, the prices in third-party marketplaces are significantly lower, but the earned cash can be used outside Steam. This is really a huge advantage that the third-party platforms provide while selling CS:GO skins. However, there is a concern about harmful scam attacks and bots.

A wide range of USP-S | Orion can be found at a surprisingly lower cost — under $50. One can find a decent online platform for buying and selling CS:GO skins that ensures the quickest transactions and the utmost consumer security.

Reasons Behind USP-S Skins Being So Popular

During the eco rounds, a pistol is everything a player has except the knife. And the unlucky players get stuck with a pistol for a few more rounds if they were unfortunate in the eco rounds. So, it is conclusive that pistols are used frequently throughout a player’s CS:GO journey, and sometimes even more than rifles.

USP-S | Orion Price According to Exterior

  • Minimal Wear — $37.23
  • Factory New — $46.11
  • Well-Worn — $43.31

Are You Going to Try a USP-S Skin?

The CS:GO USP-S skin will always be one of the most popular skins for pistol players. And for a completely fun experience, having the greatest USP-S skins is a huge advantage!

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