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5 Questions to Ask When Buying Your First Cigar


5 Questions to Ask When Buying Your First CigarSmoking a cigar has been deemed as a right of passage that many people have an interest in experiencing. For beginners, the process can seem quite complex and thorough. While there are many choices to make, smoking a cigar is quite easy. Here are five questions all beginners should ask when purchasing their first cigar.

1. Where is it from?

When people hear about cigars, they almost always think of Cuba. Over time, these words have become closely associated. However, cigars come from places all over the world. This includes Nicaragua, the Caribbean, Ecuador and Mexico. Each country will have a unique style and type of tobacco leaf. Knowing this can help a first time buyer to choose their favorite kind.

2. How much do I want to spend?

The cost of the cigar is one of the most fundamental questions to ask when purchasing your first cigar. In fact, this should be the first question as it will immediately narrow down the available options. Many people will be surprised to realize that cigars can vary from a few dollars to several hundred. Figuring out your budget can help clarify the available options.

3. What flavor do I like?

Many people new to cigars don’t realize there are a range of flavors to choose from. The ‘classic’ taste of cigars is a bit less distinguishable than artificial flavors, but they still differ. Some cigars are much stronger than others. Cigar World recommends that novices start by smoking mild cigars to get a good idea for tolerance and personal taste. Artificial flavorings are also available.

4. Where to buy it from?

While a decent amount of cigars can be purchased at gas stations and other venues, they are often of poor quality. For this reason, Effortless Gent advises first time smokers to go to a Tobacconist. This ensures you a great variety of cigars to choose from and enhances quality. Furthermore, these experts can answer any questions one may have.

5. What size is the cigar?

Size is another major factor to be considered when buying your first cigar. A quick look inside a tobacco shop can show the vast array of sizes. From just a few inches to well over six, there are many sizes to choose from. In addition to length, thickness is also a factor to consider. The larger the cigar, the longer it will take to smoke. Choosing the size will depend on how long you can enjoy the cigar before it becomes a burden. First time smokers are recommended to start on the smaller end in order to not overdo it on their first time.

Smoking a cigar for the first time doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Instead, it should be quite enjoyable and fun. These five questions are a great way to ensure that beginners end up with a cigar they can enjoy.


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