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5 Must Have Equipment for Playing Rugby


5 Must Have Equipment for Playing RugbyRugby is not a sport that requires a lot of equipment to participate. However, the equipment you do need is essential to your safety. Rugby players should never step on the field without all of the following equipment in place.


Serious head injuries are not as common in rugby as they are in American football. However, the risk does exist. Rugby is a collision sport and the possibility of taking a blow to the head from time to time is very high. Many rugby players have learned the hard way why you should never play the game without a helmet.

A second advantage of wearing headgear while playing rugby is ear protection. Rugby players spend an extended amount of time in scrums with their heads pressed against the abrasive material used to make rugby uniforms. These constant abrasions can result in cauliflower ears for players without headgear.


Rugby players often endure elbows, knees, and other blows to the mouth. There are also many collisions that will cause you to make a sudden biting motion. These incidents can cause you to injure your tongue or even lose a tooth if a mouth guard is not securely in place. Mouth guards are inexpensive and easy to use. You will only need to wear one a time or two to get over any discomfort that may first exist so there is no reason to expose yourself to the risk of playing rugby without a mouth guard.

Protection Vest

The shoulders, backs, and chests of rugby players absorb a lot of punishment while they enjoy the game they love. A protection vest worn beneath your jersey will do a lot to mitigate any potential damage.

A protection vest has shoulder pads and is basically a compression shirt. Some models even have protection for the spine sewn into the fabric of the vest. Many rugby players do not appreciate the extra weight they must bear when wearing protective vests but the protection they provide makes them worth the inconvenience.


The right rugby boots will provide you with protection for your feet and the necessary traction to play the game at your best. You should only play rugby in boots that are designed for the game. Many players try to get away with wearing shoes and boots not designed for rugby but this often leads to injury.


Rugby clothes are much more durable than regular outdoor clothing. This allows the clothes designed for rugby play to endure the grabbing and stretching that takes place in rugby without rips and tears. Rugby clothes cost a little more than regular clothing but you will save money in the long run because they will not have to be replaced very often.


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