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9 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Grill and How-to Avoid Them


9 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Grill and How-to Avoid ThemA grill is more than just a piece of equipment. Your grill becomes the centerpiece of your family dinners, gatherings with friends, and a reason to soak up all that outside fun of summer. Don’t make any of these nine mistakes below as it could turn a good time into a disaster you’ll want to forget.

#1 – Flimsy Grills

We’ve all seen them. These are those cheap grills that fall over at the first gust of wind. To ensure your meal will always stay fresh and not on the ground, it’s a good idea to do the wiggle test. Grab a hold of a grill you’re thinking of buying and try to shake it. If the grill starts to fall it doesn’t have a strong frame. You want to aim for a grill that has a solid foundation.

#2 – Lightweight Lids

Another sign of a cheap grill is a light lid. You want a solid lid that has a weather-resistant handle. Grab a hold of the lid and twist. If the lid bends easily it’s a sign the grill is not worth your money. Aim for the grill that comes with a stainless steel lid that won’t break or rust over time. In addition, if you plan on slow cooking it’s a good idea to ensure the lid fits snugly in place to avoid an unnecessary heat loss.

#3 – Cheap Grates

Many cheaper grills come with unreliable grates that tend to lose heat during windy weather. You should be looking for grates that are made from stainless steel or porcelain-enameled cast iron. These will work to give you those sear marks and keep the heat in when the weather is windy.

#4 – Not Getting The Warranty

If you spend the money on a nice grill that includes all the necessary features to make your summer cookouts amazing, don’t settle for not getting the warranty. Many quality grills will come with a 10-year warranty. Make sure you get the warranty and it includes replacement of the burners.

#5 – Ensure The Manufacturer Offers Parts

Some manufacturers will build low-quality grills that will fall apart in a few years. When you go to buy a part of fix it, you suddenly find out they don’t offer parts. Make sure the brand you buy has parts available.

#6 – No Shelving

Don’t fall for those cheap round grills with no shelving on the side. You will need a place to hold your tray of meat, utensils, and spices while cooking.

#7 – Not Big Enough

One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting a grill that can’t hold the capacity of meat they want to cook. This makes grilling an all day event with people eating at different times. Plan ahead by getting a grill that allows 100 square inches per person you’re serving.

#8 – Paying Extra For The Rotisserie

Let’s be honest, have you really ever seen anyone use a rotisserie on their grill? If you’re like most people you haven’t. It takes up too much time and is a difficult skill to master getting it done just right. Don’t fall into the trap of paying extra for rotisserie equipment you’ll never use.

#9 – One Knob Control

Avoid getting a grill that has one knob controlling all the burners. You want to be able to use different heat settings in different areas of the grill.

By avoiding these top nine mistakes when buying your next grill, you can set yourself up for having a fun summer of outside grilling without any unnecessary complications.


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