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8 Clever Ways for Involving Children in the Unpacking Process


8 Clever Ways for Involving Children in the Unpacking ProcessAre you making a big move with kids? If so, you’ll want to enlist their help with all the goings on. Moving can be a huge task to undertake, and if your kids aren’t helping, they may be causing even more trouble and worry for you. Instead of trying to corral them and keep them from getting into trouble, use these tips to get them to help with the unpacking process.

1. Have them carry small boxes.

Carrying boxes in from the moving truck will be a huge endeavor, but why couldn’t your kids help? They can by carrying in small items and furniture pieces like pillows.

2. Get their opinion on furniture organization.

Where should the couch go? On what side of the room should the TV be situated? Why not ask your children? They might have some good ideas, and they’ll love getting in on the interior design action.

3. Have them unpack their own rooms.

To get them on board with the unpacking, give them a little bit of autonomy. Tell them that it’s their responsibility to get their rooms in order. Allowing them to make these decisions will make them excited to get to work.

4. Give them a goal.

To get kids motivated for unpacking, consider giving them a goal. For example, tell them to try to unpack at least 50 items and put them away.

5. Unpack with prizes.

This is similar to giving them a goal, but there are actually rewards. If each child can unpack a certain number of things or one or two boxes, give them a price. Perhaps you reward them with their favorite dinner, or maybe you give them a toy they’ve been wanting.

6. Let them pick the unpacking music.

Music always makes big projects like unpacking better. To help get your kids involved in the whole process, tell them to choose whatever music they want.

7. Let them help direct the moving men.

While you’re doing more important things, let your kids direct the moving men where each room is. If you’ve labeled your packing boxes properly, this can be an easier way to get the right boxes in the right rooms.

8. Set them on a scavenger hunt.

Are there certain items that you absolutely need right away? Tell your kids to find them by scouring the boxes, but just make sure to tell them that creating a mess is not an option for this scavenger hunt.

Use these tips and tricks to get your children involved in the unpacking process. You’ll teach them some essential skills and responsibilities, get a little bit of help out of them and keep them occupied!


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