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3 Things to Know About Private Air Travel


3 Things to Know About Private Air TravelThese days, more and more people are drawn towards private air travel. With celebrities posting pics of their own private jet adventures on social media, there’s been a greater awareness of all the benefits of chartering a private jet—or even buying one. Here are three of the most important things to realize about flying private.

You Won’t Have to Go Through Regular Airport Security 
For many of us, getting through the security line is one of the most aggravating, frustrating parts of the commercial air travel process. Even getting your TSA Pre-Check badge doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be able to move through quickly. It’s impossible to know whether you’ve arrived at the airport too late and might miss your plane. In some cases, the security line can take hours. And in other instances, travelers can sail through the security line with ease—only to realize that there are several hours left before their flight takes off. It’s no wonder that many frequent first-class flyers have now switched to flying private.

You May Be Able to Arrive at Your Destination Faster
Private jets offer the kind of direct routes that are virtually impossible to find when you fly commercial. Also, depending upon the model of private jet you select, the plane itself may fly faster than a regular commercial jet. With a top speed of 700 mph and a cruise speed of 604 mph, the Cessna Citation X is a frequent choice of those who want to get from Point A to Point B in a jiffy. Of course, once you factor in the time you’ve already saved from not having to stand in the security line, you’ll realize that the hours really add up. Being dropped off right in front of your plane is a true luxury that very few can afford.

You and Fido Will Be Able to Stretch Out and Relax
For those who want to take their pets with them, private jets tend to be a better option. Many airlines have been restricting pets in the cabin recently. Some basically require that pets become certified emotional support animals in order to travel now. If your pet is a part of your family, flying private will undoubtedly save a lot of hassles and headaches. Furthermore, you’ll be able to fix the plane’s interior configuration to your liking. Private jets are known for their luxurious leather recliners. If you feel like taking a nap, some jets even boast fold-down beds that will allow you to sleep during your flight.


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