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5 Things to Remember When Personalizing a Water Bottle


5 Things to Remember When Personalizing a Water BottleMore and more people are making the decision to stay hydrated in style. This means more folks are on the hunt for that perfect water bottle. If you are looking for a way to personalize a water bottle for yourself or others, check out these five important things to remember.

Remember to identify the purpose of your water bottle. Some people want a water bottle to carry to the office to use throughout the day. Other people are looking for a water bottle that can attach to a bike or be carried in a backpack. Other folks simply want a water bottle as a type of memento to celebrate a long hike or race. Before you personalize any water bottle, make sure you get the one that fits your current needs.

Remember to select the best material for your water bottle. Plastic and metal water bottles need to be personalized differently. For example, a plastic water bottle can have vinyl lettering attached. A metal water bottle will need to have something stained or painted directly on the bottle.

Remember that your personalized water bottle will need to be cleaned. Make sure that any modifications you do to it will be dishwasher safe. If they are not, consider including a bottle scrub brush to go with your personalized water bottle. This will allow you to wash your water bottle by hand.

Water bottles are available in every color under the sun. However, keep in mind that not everybody puts water in water bottles. If you plan on putting juice or another colored liquid in your water bottle, make sure your water bottle is either clear or a solid color. Transparent water bottles in different colors can make colored liquid look unappealing. You don’t want people at your office to think you are drinking some type of sludge.

Don’t be misled into believing the only way you can personalized a water bottle is by writing a name or a date on the side. Remember, there are all sorts of modifications you can do to a water bottle to make it truly your own. For example, you can easily add a strap to your water bottle to make it easier to transport with your hands free. You can also add little clickers to the side of the bottle to track how many times you have filled it throughout the day. This is a great way to reach your daily hydration goals.

Don’t settle for a recycled soda bottle to use as your water bottle. Find a great water bottle meant for you, and don’t be afraid to personalize it. You’ll look and feel great with your personalized water bottle!


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