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How to Cash Checks at WalMart


How to Cash Checks at WalMartIf you have a check that you need to cash, you could be wondering about where you can go to have this done. For example, you might not have a bank account, or you could be hoping to get cash right away rather than waiting for the check to clear. Going to your local Walmart is a good option for cashing your check. These tips can help you do so.

Make Sure Your Check is Cashable at Walmart

First of all, you’ll have to make sure that your check is cashable at Walmart. Walmart does have a few rules in place about the types of checks that they cash. For most of the year, Walmart will cash checks for up to $5,000. From January until April, Walmart will cash checks up to $7,500. This is so that those who get large tax refund checks can cash their checks at Walmart.

Please note that Walmart might decline to cash certain checks for different reasons; for example, you might not be able to cash a check that is over a certain number of days old or that is handwritten. If you’re unsure, you can take your check to your local Walmart to have an associate take a look at it.

Make Sure You Have Proper Identification

Walmart will require you to provide a form of identification before you can cash a check. You can use options such as your drivers license, state identification card, passport or military ID. Make sure that your ID is valid and not expired.

Find a Local Walmart Store

If you use Walmart’s website, you can find your local Walmart store. Then, you’ll know where to go so that you can get your check cashed.

Head to the Right Area of the Store

Once you arrive at Walmart, you will need to head to the right area of the store. Many Walmart stores have dedicated “Walmart Money Center” areas where you can cash checks, buy money orders and load money onto prepaid cards. Other stores might require you to cash your check in the customer service area of the store.

Follow the Proper Process for Getting Your Check Cashed

When you arrive at Walmart, the associate should help you through the process of getting your check cashed. Generally, you’ll simply need to endorse the check and provide your ID.

As you can see, if you are looking to have a check cashed, you can often have this done at your local Walmart. If you have a Walmart location near you, you might find that it’s the easiest and most convenient place to go so that you can cash your checks.


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