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5 Reasons to Invest in Challenge Coins for Your Company


5 Reasons to Invest in Challenge Coins for Your CompanyChallenge coins are metal keepsakes that can add morale to any company. Employers can customize the coins to fit almost any office, position, or type of work. Challenge coins are often associated with military service. Manufacturers have adapted them to suit blue-collar workers, part-time staff, or international crews. They can commemorate and honor tasks and milestones. Here are five ways your company can use challenge coins.

1. Reward

When an individual goes above and beyond their assigned duties, a challenge coin is one way to show meaningful appreciation. A coin can spell out the specific task accomplished or state something general in nature, such as good job or thank you. Management can present the challenge coin to the person at a formal meeting, an informal gathering, or in a one-on-one setting. Handshakes are the traditional method of passing off a challenge coin, but depending on your company’s policies and environment, there might be a more elaborate way.

2. Honor Time Served

Employers can honor long-time, faithful employees with a challenge coin. After a worker has committed many years of their life to a business, acknowledging their service is not required but often a welcome sight. A challenge coin is a permanent reminder for them of their career, and it is an item they can cherish forever. The coin can mark the years of service, position, and company logo.

3. Create a Community

Giving out challenge coins to the entire staff can foster a sense of community and family. Companies that look to form bonds between their management and labor pool can use challenge coins as a way of bringing people together. That coin helps make individuals know they are part of a larger cause. The challenge coins can carry the business motto or picture of the company building. If the business makes a physical product, designers can work them into the piece.

4. Business Milestones

Reaching long-sought-after milestones inside a business is a reason to invest in challenge coins. If employees have been laboring, selling, and building a business for some time, a celebration is often in order once they reach the company’s goal. Some noted markers are taking a private business public, reaching a certain level of crowdfunding, or becoming the number one seller in your category. The challenge coin helps the owners and founders acknowledge the teams working on the ground and in the offices.

5. Form Teams

A company can form very clear teams by making challenge coins for each group. It can help develop team camaraderie and foster healthy competition. Each team’s coin can represent their mission or tasks. If a person is working their way through the ranks of a company, they can collect challenge coins as they pass through each department. At the end of their tenure, they can proudly show off what they have accomplished.

Challenge coins offer companies a variety of ways to praise employees. The coins can add a sense of pride and class to an operation. Challenge coins are long-lasting and can carry memories long past business hours.


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