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5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your New Lingerie


5 Ways to Feel Confident in Your New LingerieThe right lingerie can help you feel great about yourself, whether you are wearing your pieces under your favorite outfit or if you are showing them off to a special someone. When you are first getting used to wearing lingerie, though, it’s normal to feel a little uncomfortable and self-conscious. If you want to feel more confident while wearing lingerie, try these five tips.

1. Choose the Right Lingerie

First of all, it is important to choose the right lingerie for you. There are many different styles that you can choose from, so it’s important to take your time. Think about the parts of your body that you feel most self-conscious about, and look for lingerie that will help you conceal these areas. Then, think about areas of your body that you want to show off, and look for lingerie that will help you do so.

2. Take a Long, Hot Bath

Before you put on your lingerie, consider taking a nice, long and relaxing bath. Use all of your favorite scented bath products, and make sure that you moisturize your skin afterward. Consider lighting a few candles or enjoying a glass of wine along the way. Practicing a little self-care in this way can help set the right mood for wearing your new lingerie.

3. Do Your Hair and Makeup

Although you certainly don’t have to do your hair and makeup when wearing your lingerie if you don’t want to, you might find that taking your time to complete your look will help you feel that much more confident. Just make sure that your hair doesn’t get in the way of you showing off your pretty new pieces. For example, if your lingerie has a decorative, lacy back, consider putting your hair up in a nice updo so that you can show it off.

4. Adjust it Properly

Buying your lingerie in the proper size is an important first step. You may still need to adjust it after you put it on, though. Take the time to try it on different hooks or to adjust the straps. This can help you ensure that your lingerie is as comfortable and flattering as possible.

5. Wear it Alone at First

Even if you purchased your new lingerie so that you can dress up for that special someone, you might want to wear it on your own for a little while first. Consider wearing it around the house for a little while on your day off, for example. You might find that this will help you feel a lot more comfortable in it.

Wearing lingerie can actually be a great confidence booster. However, it might take a little while for you to feel completely comfortable when wearing it. Luckily, following the five tips above can make a big difference.


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