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10 Ways To Boost Your Energy


10 Ways To Boost Your Energy

What would you do with more energy? Start that business venture you’ve been dreaming about? Get into the best shape of your life? Take a trip that you never thought possible? There’s so much to be done, and abundant energy is the ticket to achievement.

For those of us who aren’t superhuman, an extra energy boost can come in clutch. That’s why more people are turning to IV drip therapy and other alternative treatments to get an energetic edge. Here’s a mix of new and old-school energy boosters you can count on anytime.

1. Controlled Breathing

Before considering inputs like food, water, sleep, and supplements, focus first on the primary function of breathing for energy regulation. Only through proper breathing can we achieve a true flow state, giving our brains and organs the oxygenated blood they need to thrive.

Unfortunately, most of us are short of breath in one way or another. Whether from anxiety or tension, we fail to breathe fully and miss the many benefits. When low on energy, revert back to breathing deeply and evenly to reset and refresh.

2. Ramp Up the Heart Rate

Fatigue and burnout are real, but what about plain old lethargy that keeps you from getting moving in the first place? For an instant energy boost, get the heart pumping with a brisk stroll, jog, bike ride, or calisthenics routine at home.

We’re not talking about a full-blown workout that leaves you drained. Find the sweet spot where you enjoy the energy and endorphin rush without emptying the tank.

3. Watch Out for Fatigue Traps

Some activities drain your energy in a flash and tick away precious time on the clock. These may include social media, TV series, headline news, celebrity gossip, and other distractions that are the mental equivalent of junk food.

Since these fatigue traps are plentiful in the modern world, learn to identify them and steer clear to protect your energy all day long.

4. Go Hot & Cold

The body works best when adjusting to extremes, so play with hot and cold temperatures to unlock higher levels of energy. Drop into a cold bath or take a long sauna session to shock the system and clean out toxins in a powerful one-two punch.

When your body is working overtime to maintain homeostasis, you’ll experience firsthand what natural energy is all about.

5. Optimize Diet And Hydration

What is the ultimate energy-boosting diet? There’s no perfect answer for every person. However, research suggests that fewer meals spaced throughout the day will keep your metabolic rate higher and avoid those dreaded blood sugar spikes.

Find the right mix of protein and complex carbs, then skip any processed sugars that cause you to crash and burn after a rush. Through trial and error, you can find the perfect macronutrient mix that keeps you lean, focused, and energized 24/7.

6. Strategic Caffeine + Vitamins

Coffee and tea are valuable assets for energy, but are best used sparingly and in the proper context. B vitamins, on the other hand, are universal and derived from everyday food sources or supplements.

Test out various caffeine and B vitamin sources to see which ones work best with your chemistry.

You’ll find that vitamins help you digest and limit the mental slowdown that often comes with hangovers or hard training. IV drip therapy is a highly efficient way to get these key compounds when you need them most.

7. Create an Energized Environment

Don’t discount the impact of your environment to maximize your energy levels. Whether working from home, in the office, or on-site, aim to keep temperatures and atmospheric conditions to your advantage.

Humidifiers and essential oil dispensers are a good starting point, and ideally, natural plant life will help to keep CO2 levels in check.

8. Align with the Right People

Positive relationships will add to your energy and help you accomplish everything you want in life. On the flip side, negative people will sap that energy and feel like a chore to deal with.

Find people who bring positivity and perspective, then do your part to bring value to their lives as well. You will be rewarded with fulfilling connections that last and pay back double.

9. Get into the Sun

Baking in the sun for hours has its downsides, but reasonable amounts of sun exposure are essential for our physiology. Carve out time each day to experience direct sunlight, even when temperatures are low.

This will keep you energized, engaged, and promote better sleep when the sun goes down.

10. Take Sleep Seriously

How often do you experience deep, uninterrupted sleep that gives you boundless energy the following day? For too many of us, quality sleep seems always out of reach. It may be time to assess your sleep hygiene and take back control of these crucial nighttime hours.

Create an evening routine that works in your favor, with minimal blue light exposure and a relaxing vibe to help you wind down.

Energy is Everything

With consistent, natural energy, anything is possible. Implement these practices now and see what can be accomplished with the natural elements of earth, life, and cutting-edge science.

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