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Top 5 Tips for Understanding Politics for Beginners


Top 5 Tips for Understanding Politics for BeginnersThe subject of politics can be a very intimidating subject to dive into, due to the depth of the subject. However, as you try to understand politics, you should approach this subject with a certain mindset, and go about things in a certain way. Here are five tips for understanding politics:

  • It is crucial to understand that whoever is elected into office, nobody will ever do a perfect job. In fact, whenever a politician makes promises, you should expect that the politician is exaggerating and will eventually renege on at least some of those promises.
  • It’s very easy to look at an election and get fooled into thinking that you are only voting for a specific candidate when you vote for that candidate. In reality, behind every candidate is a complex web of special interests, politics, individuals and operations that are going on. There may be a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we are not seeing. You may love a certain candidate from listening to his or her campaign platform, but in reality there may be a lot of unsavory individuals connected to that candidate who you may not like as much.
  • Something else to keep in mind is that many times, big businesses are entrenched in governments, and are catered to by governments. Some of these types of big businesses include banks, insurers, defense contractors big oil and big pharma.
  • When you read about politics, expect there to be half truths, facts that are left out, things that aren’t completely explained in the most comprehensive manner and things that are heavily editorialized. This is because of the fact that some sources may not provide enough information, while others may editorialize information just to seem politically correct or to protect someone’s interests. Consider the idea that there are human creators behind everything that you hear, read and watch; and these human creators may skew the truth.
  • If you want to get a well rounded view of politics, there are a number of books about history and politics that approach the the subject of politics from different angles. You can easily find books like this all over the internet or wherever else books are sold. If you want to read about history and politics from racial perspectives,for example, you can read these books: “The Making of Asian America,” by Erika Lee; “White Trash,” by Nancy Isenberg; “Hillbilly Elegy,” by J.D. Vance; “Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America,” by Juan Gonzalez; “A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America,” by Ronald Takaki; and “The New Jim Crow,” by Michelle Alexander. If you want to learn about the confusing Arab-Israeli conflict, “The History of the Arab Israeli Conflict, 6th Edition,” by Ian K. Bickerton is an informative read. History books about various things will help in your understanding of politics.

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