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Great Wedding Gift Bag Ideas


Great Wedding Gift Bag IdeasGiving out gift bags to the guests at your wedding is a special touch that will show your guests you appreciate them. You can create gift bags that go along with your wedding theme, or you could create customized gift bags for each guest. The options are really limitless. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know what to include because you may not be sure which items you guests will like the most. Luckily, there are several gift ideas that will appeal to a wide audience that you might want to consider. These include items, such as snacks and drinks, notes and cards, mementos to remember your wedding, and beauty and grooming products.

Snacks and Drinks
More than likely, your guests will appreciate a few snacks and drinks to take home with them. Examples of items you might want to add include fresh fruits like oranges and apples, mints, packets of cookies, candy, jams, and artisanal drinks, such as cream sodas and seltzer waters. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you might want to consider adding a few bottled waters if the temperature will be high, which will help to keep your guests comfortable. Lastly, for destination weddings, you could add locally sourced ingredients so that guests can fully experience the region and its culture.

Notes and Cards
Adding a note or card to each bag is a really thoughtful idea. You might want to consider adding a welcome note with an itinerary of your wedding or a thank you note thanking them for attending your wedding.

Including mementos in your gift bags is a great way to help your guests to remember your wedding fondly for years to come. Ideas include personalized wedding favors, photos, and candles. You could also add confetti poppers, bubbles, and rice for guests to use at the end of your ceremony.

Beauty and Grooming Products
Beauty and grooming products are something that your guests will likely get a lot of use out of. For men, you might want to add things like beard oils, soaps, beard combs, and chapstick. For female guests, you could considering adding items, such as bath bombs, shower gel, and face masks.

Overall, giving your guests wedding favors and other items they can use will help to make your wedding an even more special event for your guests to enjoy. For an extra touch, personalizing your gift bags by adding name tags and monogrammed items is a great idea. Not only is giving gift bags an excellent way to greet your guests and to set the tone for the wedding, but it is also a way to show your loved ones that they are cherished and valued!


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