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Our Favorite Spring Wedding Trends


Our Favorite Spring Wedding TrendsBlame it on the flowers and the birdsong: spring is the most romantic time of year. It’s wedding season, and inspiration is in the air. We’re obsessed with these gorgeous springtime celebration trends.

Olive branches

The olive branch is such a universal symbol of peace that Neil Armstrong placed a gold one on the moon. Here on Earth, olive branches and leaves are the ideal greenery for a spring wedding. They can adorn archways, trail down long tables, and revitalize the classic rose bouquet. Olive leaves lend Renaissance-painting vibes to a simple space. And the symbolism–peace, friendship, abundance–doesn’t hurt.

Bridesmaids in white

The idea sounds scandalous–non-brides wearing white at a wedding? But there’s a reason this trend is gaining steam. In spring, the season of rebirth and innocence, white dresses are fitting. The fresh minimalism of a bridal party in white looks stunning outdoors. It’s a color that’s naturally pretty on everyone. If you prefer a non-traditional bridal gown hue, you’ll love this trend.

Instant camera snapshots

You’ve hired a professional photographer for the big moments. But what about all the little ones? Quirky and nostalgic, instant cameras are re-emerging in popular culture–and in weddings. Set out an inexpensive instant camera and let guests take retro selfies instead of signing a book. Or prompt guests to find their names on escort cards and replace them with their own instant snapshots.

Strawberry delights

Strawberry confections are becoming a staple of the spring wedding. Layered strawberry shortcake is a nice alternative to heavy wedding cakes. Similarly, strawberry cupcakes and skewers of chocolate-covered strawberries balance fruit with sweet. The cheery red fruit makes any pastry visually pleasing and delicious.

Tree as focal point

Trees have always enchanted us. They exude tranquility and the wisdom of the ages–some trees live for thousands of years. If your spring wedding theme evokes fairy tales or folk songs, let the trees be your architecture. Find a large, majestic tree around which to arrange your ceremony. You can hang lights from its branches and drape white organza over its trunk, creating an altar born from the natural world.

Richer palettes

We often assign colors to seasons, and springtime gets the delicate pastels. But lately spring wedding palettes have evolved to include rich, dramatic hues. Vintage gold, violet, and deep dahlia red look striking next to barely-there neutrals. From the decor to the bridesmaids’ gowns, a splash of vivid color will always have a breathtaking effect.

Today’s brides are updating the spring wedding. Forget blush pink tulle and cutesy decor; think elegant contrasts and cinematic beauty. These trends will awaken your creativity in the wedding planning process.


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