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6 Tips for Moving in the Winter


6 Tips for Moving in the WinterEven though the winter months are often filled with cold temperatures and some type of freezing precipitation, you might find yourself moving from one home to another. Although there will likely be more sunny days than those that are cloudy or days when the roads are covered with snow or ice, you can still safely transport your belongings and get everything inside your new home so that your family is warm and cozy. Here are a few tips to consider when moving during this time of the year.

1. Delays
There could be delays when you move in the winter. You need to plan ahead for these by keeping an open line of communication with the moving company you use or friends and family members who might offer assistance. Avoid disconnecting any utilities in your home until you are settled in your new home to prevent your family from getting cold.

2. Organization
If everything that you’re taking to your new home is packed and ready to go, then it will be faster to get everything packed in vehicles and taken to your new home. Make sure all of the boxes are labeled, furniture is disassembled, and a small bag is packed with toiletries and clothes that can be used until you get your belongings unpacked.

3. Safety
When you move in the winter, you need to ensure that sidewalks, pathways, and porch steps are clear and as dry as possible if it’s been raining or snowing. Put salt on walkways for more traction when walking. When lifting heavy items, you need to do so with proper equipment or by using proper mechanics, such as bending with your legs and not lifting heavy items alone.

4. Protecting Your Homes
Place blankets or plastic on the floors of both homes to protect the floors. If there’s any kind of wintry precipitation on the ground or there has been during the days before you move, then you want to use items that can keep moisture and mud off your flooring.

5. Stay Warm
Try to stay as warm as possible by using small heaters. Make sure the heat is turned on in your new home before you begin moving your belongings. One way to help your movers stay warm as well would be to offer hot chocolate or other hot beverages until everything has been taken to the other house.

6. Weather
If you see any signs that there could be wintry weather when you’re moving, monitor the weather channels so that you stay ahead of the precipitation. If possible, get everything packed in moving trucks and vehicles the night before you move so that all you have to do is lock your home and drive away.

Moving in the winter months can be a bit tricky, especially if winter weather is involved. Keep in mind that you might be able to find moving companies that offer lower prices in the winter. With a few safety precautions and making sure your belongings are properly packed and loaded in the moving vehicles, you can ensure that your move to a new home is completed with ease.


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