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5 Innovative Ways to Specialize Your Trophies


5 Innovative Ways to Specialize Your TrophiesWhen you think about decluttering your garage or attic, it’s usually to get rid of things that don’t have much meaning or that you simply no longer want. Unfortunately, undesirable trophies are often in the “give away” or “toss” box. Sometimes it’s because they aren’t very attractive. That can be changed if you take an innovative approach to specializing your trophies so that they are treasured for years to come. The following tips will provide you with the guidance you need.

1. Choose a Unique Font

Most trophies have standard fonts like Garamond, Century, Franklin, Arial or Calibri. Although these have been used for decades, you can absolutely use a font that’s unique and uncommon. There are large serif fonts in many styles that can really stand out and make your trophy look special.

2. Change the Scale

If you’ve been accustomed to providing trophies that are the typical upright design, you can choose something like a desktop trophy that doesn’t take up a lot of space. This will ensure the recipient doesn’t toss it to make room down the road. You can also choose something that’s functional, like a paper weight. Although they have been a choice for years, there are innovative designs that are quite interesting.

3. Be Particular About the Materials

Choosing an elegant material can make a difference in how the recipient feels when the award is presented and whether or not they choose to keep it. There are materials like glass and crystal that look so much better than other options. If a trophy looks good in a person’s home, they’re more likely to treasure it.

4. Create an Elegant Graphic Design

If you have the option of providing your own design so that it can be etched into the trophy, the possibilities are endless. You can create a design that’s specific to the occasion. You can essentially create any design that you want, even if it requires commissioning your favorite artist.

5. Select Trophies Based on the Recipient

If you are choosing trophies for a younger crowd, then you’ll want something that looks modern and speaks to their age group. For instance, a trophy with emojis for a social media award would be appropriate if the demographics are Generation Z. While this could certainly work across all demographics, there are some populations that wouldn’t appreciate it as much, although that’s changing. The key is to know the recipient and ensure it’s a keepsake they’ll truly appreciate. There’s nothing better than glancing at a beautiful trophy and reflecting on the accomplishments of the past.


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