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Does Beats Have A Mic? What You Should Know About Beats Headphones


Does Beats Have A Mic

Many individuals who have used Apple’s beats headphones for recording podcasts, music, and instrumentals will tell you that these headphones are the best in the market. In addition to its studio-quality features, these headphones come with many advanced features, including the noise-cancellation feature inbuilt. You don’t have to worry about external distractions but remain focused on your recordings or daily use with the noise cancellation. Beats headphones come at a premium price.

So Do Beats Headphones Have Mic?

Yes, Beats headphones have a built-in mic and telephone call handling capabilities.

Beats Headphones Full Specifications

Beats headphones are fully-packed, offer stereo output, and are designed as over-the-ear accessories. They come with both wired and wireless connectivity, and they also come with in-built mics. Other features you can find here are;

1. Sound

Beats headphone sounds come with 32 ohms plus less than 115 sensitivities. They produce a frequency range between 20 and 20,000 and are built with dynamic driver technology. The typical headphone has a 1.57” driver size. All these features make the sound quality of your beats headphones unique in many ways. These headphones come with an in-line microphone type. The headphones measure 7.99inches in height and weigh 9.17oz in weight.

2. The Design

Beats headphones come in a wide range of colors: black-silver, black-red, Black, Blue, Green, white-gold, metallic grey, green, Titanium, red, red-white-and red.

The headphones come with a closed acoustic design and a headband attachment type. The body is made of a combination of foam, plastic, and leather. The headphones are categorized as studio-quality. They are foldable, and the plating for the connector contacts is gold. Beats headphones are stunning because of their premium designs.

3. Features and Connectivity

Beats headphones come with playback controls feature alongside noise-cancellation features. There are several buttons on the headphones: keyguard, phone-answering, Play and pause, Next song, volume, and previous song. The headphones come with a carrying case customized for those who want to present them as gifts or store the device safely.

The headphones input supports the Bluetooth connectivity, and there is a 3.5mm and 6.3mm adapter for external connectivity. The cable length is about 1.36 meters. You can also stream content via the headphones’ audio streaming.

This device has several connectivity options; for instance, it operates on Bluetooth technology version 2.1. and the wireless connectivity also works with Bluetooth technology. The wireless range for the headphones is 9.0 feet, and there is a 3.5mm connector type for alternative connectivity.

The headphones come with a micro-USB connectivity type, while the cable is detachable. There is no multi-point connection on these headphones.

4. Power

Rechargeable batteries power beats headphones, and it requires just one battery at a time. The alkaline battery will last for about 20 hours, and there is an additional standby time of 20 hours. The headphones can last for 10 hours of talk time. You can charge the battery via a USB cable.

Beats Headphones- What Are The Pros And Cons

Beat headphones are modern, stylish headphones with lots of capabilities, and they come with their unique pros and cons that are worth considering.

1. What are the Pros of Beat Headphones?

Beat headphones have so many features and capabilities that their main rivals don’t have, and that is why they provide value for the prices. Cabling on these headphones is neatly done to prevent any messy connection. The headphones are stylishly designed with superb aesthetic appeal.

The noise cancellation ensures that external noises are filtered out, thus giving you a crisply clear sound when recording and when receiving a phone call. The headphones audio system comes with great tweaks for better clarity.

The headphones provide a comfortable fit on your head, and they are reliable. The comfortable design includes well-stuffed earpads that don’t put pressure on your ears even after long hours of usage.

With touch controls, you can control so many features and output of the headphones in the most comfortable manner. Touch controls provide more outstanding management whereby you can personalize your headphone usage.

The fluidity of the headphones is excellent, and the device handles well in your hand. With its build quality, you are guaranteed greater durability. The coating on the metal and plastic parts of the headphones ensures they last longer than your average headphones.

The pair of headphones come with a cleaning cloth that can be used for easy removal of dirt and smudges. The buttons on the headphones are tactile, and they wouldn’t break off easily even with continuous pressing.

The body is slimmer and comes with much better battery life than most of its rivals. The headphones can be stored in their original beats case, which comes with the package. The case can also be used as a packaging item as it looks more presentable.

The new beats headphones are considerably lighter and more streamlined than their predecessors, thus making handling a lot better. You can even use them outdoors at different events.

Several accessories come with the beats headphones, thus saving you money on purchasing such accessories separately. There are changeable fins on the headphones, and those make handling even much better.

The compact design of the headphones makes them easier to handle for just anyone. Bass lovers will enjoy the strong bass and some other mid-range features on the device. The headphones are anti-sweat; hence you can wear them comfortably for a long time, even in hot weather, without the sweat interrupting the usage.

You can quickly fold them up when not in use and then put them in their storage case. The ear cups are very soft, and the premium leather component can make them comfortable while traveling.

2. What are the Likely Cons of Beats Headphones?

The most prominent disadvantage of beats headphones can be the premium price. It is not affordable for budget-conscious individuals, but if you want to pay a few hundred bucks for a top-notch product, then these headphones are for you.

Professionals have also noticed that beats headphones are best designed for music and average for speeches and soundtracks. This means that it may provide the utmost support for music-making, listening, and telephone conversations than creating speeches and soundtracks. This does not mean you should ignore them for your soundtracks, they still produce great effects for such.

Half battery power may not last you long enough when using the headphones for long. The battery may run down quickly after the first few hours, and this could be a minor downside. If you are going to use beats headphones for several hours of gaming, for instance, perhaps you should charge it fully.

Beginners may find the touch sensors very sensitive. This issue can therefore be described as a temporary setback.

The 9feet range for connectivity may also become a challenge in some situations, especially where you need stronger connectivity. For this reason, you need to stay within the connectivity range of the headphones; otherwise, you may be cut off unexpectedly.

You may have to deal with some interference signals when using these headphones. Some nearby radio signals, for instance, may interfere, and you will have to make adjustments to restore your connectivity and do away with such interferences.  

The location of the jack cord at the bottom left side of the earpiece may be inconvenient for some users, but this should not be an issue for professionals. Similarly, some occasional sound leakage may be an issue for users here, though this issue is quite rare.

The need to recharge the battery every now and then, especially after heavy usage, may be a disadvantage to some people. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, tend to save costs of powering your headphones in the long run as you don’t need to replace the batteries often.

It has also been observed that the glossy black finishing on the back of the headphones can be prone to smudges. The automatic power feature only works when you remove the headphones from your head, which means you can’t charge while using the headphones. This might have been deliberately done for security reasons. Some people can be very sensitive to bass sounds; hence this could be a disadvantage to them.


Beats headphones have come to be the most popular headphones in the world today, and just like many other tech gadgets, they have continued to be re-designed and launched with several upgrades added. Despite its premium feel, it still comes with some minor flaws, and most of these might not even be noticed except you are a professional headphone user. It is important to keep up with the user manual, especially for maintenance, to reduce the risks of damage and ensure the longevity of the headphones. This means that beat headphones have continued to provide better services since inception several years back.

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