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Shine For Eternity: The Beauty Of Timeless Diamond Jewelry


The Beauty Of Timeless Diamond Jewelry

Some concepts and conventions have endured the test of time. Along the way, they became timeless traditions that are likely to go on forever. Certain art, literature, and music fall into that category. No matter how much time passes, they’ll always be considered classics, evoking feelings of nostalgia and admiration among the masses. Many people are quick to point out that love is also timeless. As such, it stands to reason that symbols of this emotion could be eternal as well. 

Diamonds: Everlasting Items Symbolizing Unending Love

Few tangible items are as closely associated with love as diamonds. Much like the feeling itself, they’re strong, enduring, and incredibly beautiful. That makes timeless diamond jewelry a highly sought-after treasure. Just what makes diamond jewelry timeless, though? In truth, that’s a complicated question, and the answer varies quite a bit depending on who you ask. Consider the following qualities that render diamonds eternal.

From Immemorial To Infinite

According to some schools of thought, the process by which diamonds are created makes them timeless. Over millions of years, heat and pressure cause carbon atoms to combine. They eventually crystallize deep within the Earth and are ushered closer to the surface via specific types of volcanic activity. That process converts mundane carbon into valuable gems that can be transformed into breathtakingly beautiful stones by skilled craftspeople.

Of course, that’s only half of the bigger picture. Many of the natural resources we depend on take a great deal of time to form. Then, they’re gone in a flash. Petroleum and coal take millions of years to develop, but we’re consuming them so quickly the planet can’t keep up. In fact, experts expect us to run out of fossil fuels within the next 40 years. Diamonds, on the other hand, last forever. Just as they take a billion years to form, they take another billion to degrade.

On top of that, they’re classified as the hardest material on Earth. Though they’re not technically indestructible, destroying them is exceedingly difficult. In short, they’re timeless in their own right even without any symbolism involved. 

Bringing Symbolism Into The Equation

From there, the symbolism that has become associated with diamonds enters the mix. They first gained significance thousands of years ago. Diamonds refract light, making them appear as though they emit their own light from within. Because of that, ancient Buddhists believed they had the power to keep evil at bay. Different cultures around the world developed similar lines of reasoning. 

Eventually, diamonds came to represent wealth and social status because of their rarity, beauty, and increasing value. Historical accounts vary on exactly when people began to incorporate diamonds into jewelry, but that ranges somewhere between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries. Over time, diamonds made their way into engagement rings. Their beauty and longevity became symbols of love and eternal commitment regardless of the settings chosen for them.

Timeless Diamonds Past And Present

Diamonds, in and of themselves, are timeless. That concept comes from their drawn-out creation process as well as their enduring nature. Their diverse and long-running symbolism only heightens their value. Some timeless pieces of diamond jewelry date back a few decades or even hundreds of years in some cases. Others have yet to be designed and presented to the world. Either way, they’re sure to stand out for centuries as continuous reminders of their significance and the love with which they’re gifted.  

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