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What to Do Immediately After a Car Accident


What to Do Immediately After a Car AccidentCar accidents are terrifying, and you aren’t wrong to feel this way. You don’t see accidents coming. They happen out of nowhere, and they leave you wondering what happens next. What are the right steps to take? What do you do first? What do you not do? There are more questions than there are answers going through your mind in the moments following an accident, and that’s where this information is helpful.

Stay Put

You should move your car to the side of the road if the accident is minor, and you should get out of the car if you cannot move it. Don’t stay there, but do not leave the scene, either. Leaving the scene of even the smallest accident is a hit and run, and it’s a felony charge when you’re caught.

Call the Police

The most important thing you do when you’re involved in an accident is to call the police. You need to file an accident report, take photos, and document the accident. If someone else caused the accident, it’s too easy for them to deny their involvement if you choose to handle things without the law. Call the police, and thank yourself for it later.

Take Photos 

Before you move your car, take some photos of the scene before cars are moved. This helps you when you file a police report, and it helps when it’s time to argue your case. If the other insurance company tries to say their client did not cause your accident, these pictures are helpful proving that they did.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver 

Even though you filed a police report, it’s helpful to have this information. You need it when you file your claim with your insurance company even if the other driver is to blame. Get their name, their address, their insurance information, and their phone number.

Seek Medical Attention 

Not all injuries are visible to the naked eye, which means you might be more seriously injured than you realize. Your doctor checks you for internal injuries, which means you have the option to get treatment faster. The longer an injury is left untreated, the more likely it is you will need more serious treatment. It’s also likely your injuries won’t heal as well if they’re left untreated.

The steps to take following an accident are simple, but it’s easy to forget them in the moments after someone hits your car on the road. Knowing what to do in advance helps you stay calm. Remaining calm in an accident is the best way to ensure you are able to handle your situation appropriately, though it’s always helpful to call an attorney.


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