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5 Items that Must Be Stored in a Climate Controlled Environment


5 Items that Must Be Stored in a Climate Controlled EnvironmentThere are a number of reasons for the extended storage of important items. You may be running out space at home or work or dealing with the loss of a loved one. For whatever length of time necessary, you will want both general household items and more precious or valuable possessions to be maintained in as safe an environment as possible. That means you may need climate control in order to avoid fluctuations in temperature or humidity.

1. Appliances and Electronics

So many appliances now contain their own electronic components that storage requirements that they share many of the same storage needs. Large appliances should be clean and dry and any water hoses removed. Maintaining acceptable temperature and humidity levels will protect these items from deterioration such as oxidation, cracking, mildew, or component degeneration.

2. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture may crack, warp, or rot in an environment with too much moisture or extreme temperatures. Joints may expand and become damaged, or adhesives may disintegrate, causing valuable tables and chairs to literally come apart at the seams. Responsible preservation and storage can help prevent expensive or irreversible damage.

3. Special collections

Coins, especially silver ones, can suffer increased oxidation and tarnish in adverse conditions. Stamps may curl and stick if there’s too much humidity. Comic book collections may suffer damage that will decrease their value. Photographs can fade and be damaged in extreme temperatures or humidity. And important family documents can also suffer damage if not stored properly.

4. Leather items

Leather is especially susceptible to humidity. Over time, leather jackets or other items may succumb to mildew or mold or become discolored if exposed to extreme heat. To preserve these items, they should be properly treated, packaged, and stored in a predictable environment.

5. Musical instruments

Musical instruments are extremely sensitive to environmental changes. Anything from barometric pressure to unacceptable temperature fluctuations can affect both their condition and performance. Maintaining temperatures between 72-77ºF with a 45-55% humidity is favorable to many instruments, especially stringed ones. These conditions will also discourage bacterial growth that may damage instruments.

Storing Memories

The attachment we have to some special treasures and even everyday items is often centered in the memories they stir. We relate to them for the part they play in making our lives easier and more enjoyable. We also care for them because of the value they hold overall for ourselves, our family, or our business. Safely storing items of importance is a priority that is worth the time and effort for the future.


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