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Why Study International Relations


Why Study International Relations

International relations is the study of how nations interact with one another. It’s an incredibly interesting area of study that can help provide better insights into the state of the world and how politics affects societal issues. Whether you want to work in policy-making, politics, charity, or business, an education in international relations provides you with the ideal foundations to succeed.  

Learning about international relations will expose you to a wide variety of concepts and theories that offer a number of methods to tackle the global concerns of the twenty-first century and deal with topics like sovereignty, human rights, development, and environmentalism.

International relations and the political economy combines the study of international relations with economic principles and modules relating to global businesses. It’s an ideal course for anyone interested in the factors that shape our globalised world. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying international relations.

It Offers The Opportunity To Make A Difference In The World

People who study international relations frequently have a strong desire to fight injustice and to learn from the past about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to coexisting in a single global society. You’ll develop your cross-cultural awareness and learn more about the issues affecting other people when you learn through this course.

By studying international relations, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening in the world and why. It gives you a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world. You could work in policy-making or in government, helping to positively impact society. It’s also possible to work for NGOs and other organisations that help people all over the world.

It Opens Up Many Potential Career Paths

Those that work in international relations often have high levels of interpersonal, analytical, decision-making, and negotiation abilities. You’ll gain the ability to gather and analyse research and sources on a variety of topics to support your arguments. It will also help you to critically assess concepts and information and collaborate with others. Your study in this subject will help you develop these transferable skills that are useful in any industry.

Wherever you work in the future, education in international relations will be looked at positively and can help you find the best opportunities in your preferred field. As well as working in government, the study of international relations can lead to opportunities within NGOs, diplomacy, intelligence services, and business.

It Offers Insights Into How Our World Works

Knowledge and understanding of the world are important aspects of studying international relations. In a world that’s becoming increasingly globalised and with major issues happening around the world, it can be useful to understand how and why these events happen.

You’ll examine changes in global power, foreign policy, instability, and conflict, as well as the disruptive forces that have impacted the global economy. You’ll have the ability to recognize and seize business possibilities while overcoming the difficulties brought on by globalisation.

You Can Work All Over The World

International relations students often go on to work overseas, especially if they pair their education with a course in modern languages. It’s an ideal area of study if you want to work in international politics, which naturally opens up the opportunity to travel in your career. However, there are many career paths open to you that involve working in other countries.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business owner, it can also lead to you developing your business overseas. Gaining a better understanding of the world and global markets is a key factor in success when entering the global market.

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