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Which Video Editing Software is Best?


Which Video Editing Software is BestWith Social media at an all time high, the want for certain software and apps have gone up. More people are downloading Instagram and other photo filtering apps, people are downloading more messengers and they’re being more social through the internet. Some people even want to put together videos, whether it’s for YouTube or for personal family photos and videos that you want to combine all together, these are the best video editing programs that you can find.

When choosing a video editing program, you have to consider a few things. How dedicated you are to learning this new program. All programs are different and some are more complicated than others, none of them are alike. And you’ll want to think about how much you are willing to pay. Video editing programs are not very cheap but it is possible to purchase one of the cheaper options and still get a lot out of it.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the one everyone will tell you to choose. But, like all Adobe programs, it is very complicated as it comes with a lot of accessories and extra settings. It’s also one of the most expensive programs unless paying around $40 dollars a month isn’t expensive to you. But since Adobe is one of Window’s top sellers, this is one most Windows users choose.

For Mac users, they usually go for Final Cut Pro X. This one costs around $300 total and you own it. This one is a little bit less complicated to figure out but it still has it’s fair share of fun settings to play around with.

Pinnacle Studio 22 is the cheapest editing program that you can get, aside from the free programs that are available. Most people choose this program because it’s one of the cheaper options but you do miss out on a lot of the cool effects that the other programs have.

In my personal opinion, Sony Vegas Pro is the best video editing program on the market. I’m using an older version but the newer ones cost around $300, which is not a bad price considering all that they give you with the program.

Along with all of these programs, there are a lot of free ones available online if you go look for them. But, if you want the best and you aren’t against spending a little bit of money, Sony Vegas Pro is the program I would recommend.


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