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What to Ask Before Shipping Your Car Cross-Country


What to Ask Before Shipping Your Car Cross-CountryBefore shipping a car, you need to put into consideration various factors. Below are the questions to ask as you plan to ship your car cross-country.

Is the Company Registered?
The car shipping company needs to be registered with the Department of transport and also needs to have a motor carrier number for cross country movement. It should also be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission.

What are the Types of Services Offered?
Get to know more about the types of services offered by the company. Some companies do not offer cross-country services. So, find out if the company can move your car to whatever location you wish. Find out if there are restrictions on the size of the car.

What are the Shipping Costs?
Many factors determine the cost of shipping a car. Also, different companies have variance in the price. Get a sample of several companies and compare the prices. Inquire if there are any extra charges apart from what is indicated in the price list. You can also find out if the company offers discounts or if the price is negotiable.

Do they Offer Insurance? What type?
It may be possible that your insurance company doesn’t cover for cross-country motor shipping. Find out what type of insurance services the company offers. Request for the insurance documents and see the shipping details. Although it might be costly to get your car covered during shipping, it gives you peace of mind.

What Type of Documents does the company need From You?
You need to provide documentation to the shipping company. It includes your insurance documents and your registration. Various companies would request for a different set of information. So, find out what the type of documentation the company requires.

What are the Necessary Shipping Arrangements?
There is a limit on what companies can ship. If your car has household items, you’ll need to remove it from the car since the companies are prohibited from shipping them. In most cases, you might need to hand over the car keys to the mover during shipping, and the car needs less gas in the tank.

What’s the Shipping Duration?
The length varies from one company to another. It also depends on the distance between the countries and the process being used. The company may not guarantee you the actual time that the car will get delivered. But it might take between seven to fourteen days.

How Do You Make Payments?
Inquire if you will pay the full amount upfront or deposit a certain percentage of the total amount. Find out the type of payment platform that the company accepts.

What if the Car Gets Damaged?
You need to inspect your car before shipping to ensure that it’s in good shape. In case of any damages during shipping, the driver would need to document every detail. You can file a claim for compensation from the shipping company’s Insurance.

When looking for the best option, it’s better to shop around for the best company before making the final choice. You may need to take a little more time and be sure that you are settling for the best option.


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