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The Importance Of Typography – 6 Reasons Why


The Importance Of Typography

Words play a crucial role in the lives of people all around the globe. Almost every individual deals with tons of words in numerous formats daily. For instance, many people read physical books, booklets, etc., and then there are millions of others who work with digital documents, websites, etc., every day where one of the most essential visual elements is words. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that typography is an essential factor without which it is impossible to make written language legible. 

Typography, as stated by Britannica, refers to the design or selection of letter forms that are organized into words or sentences. It is the technique of arranging type to ensure that it is readable and appealing to the audience when displayed. When it comes to managing digital files and platforms like websites, typography plays an important role. Besides this, it is also a significant factor that contributes to the overall appeal of an operating system. This article will cover some of the best font management software both macOS and Windows users can use and list six of the most prominent reasons why typography is immensely important. So let us dive right into it:

Best Font Management Software For macOS And Windows:


If you are a macOS user looking for a top-tier font manager for Mac, there are numerous options you can choose from. For instance, the native font manager of macOS, Font Book, is a great app that allows users to install and remove fonts easily. However, if you wish to opt for a third-party font-managing app for your Mac, Typeface is a great option worth considering since it offers numerous advanced features that make managing fonts very easy. Besides this, other options users can consider include RightFont, FontBase, Webfont, etc. 


Windows users can also choose a suitable font management software on their PC from numerous exceptional third-party applications. For instance, Suitcase Fusion is a great app that allows users to manage and organize innumerable fonts easily. Besides this, FontExpert is another excellent option for users searching for a font manager for older versions of Windows, such as XP, Vista, or 7. Other similar apps include NexusFont, FontBase, etc.

Why Is Typography Important?

There are numerous reasons why typography is vital in multiple areas. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

It Appeals to the Audience

Selecting the right font that goes with the digital file or platform’s message and appeals facilitates the readers to resonate with them. Moreover, a good-looking font appeals to the audience, which raises curiosity in them to read more about what is being offered. Hence, every designer should choose a font that sits well with the brand or platform’s theme. Moreover, they should consider a few fundamental factors while selecting a font. For example, the font should not be too small or big. Furthermore, it should not seem crummy. Therefore, choosing an easily readable font is one of the keys to getting a good start. Moreover, customizing different aspects of the font, such as its size, dimensions, colors, etc., also helps attract the readers’ attention. 

It Facilitates Designers to Construct Recognition

If any designer decides to stick with the same font for different iterations of the project, i.e., if they follow a similar pattern when it comes to using fonts, it will facilitate establishing a connection with customers. Whenever any customer looks at the font, they will instantly connect it to the designer’s project. Hence, following a pattern will not only build the brand or platform’s recognition but will also add immense value to the project. A prime example of this is Apple. The multinational company uses the font “Helvetica” in software design to establish recognition, and so far, it has worked exceptionally well for the world-renowned company.  

It Adds to the Professionalism Quotient

Choosing the correct font significantly adds to the professionalism quotient of any design-related project. For instance, if the designer selects a font that does not go well with the design project, the chances of the project failing to perform successfully significantly increase. On the other hand, suppose the designer selects an elegant font to convey the project’s theme and message. In that case, it will not only elevate the chances of the project succeeding but also help in gaining the trust of potential customers and clients. 

It Contributes to Forming a Distinguished Informational Hierarchy

The fonts a designer adds to any project facilitate the readers or audience to consume the provided information seamlessly. For instance, if a designer uses big-sized fonts for the headlines, followed by a smaller one for the headline’s content, it facilitates the audience to conveniently distinguish between the information and thereby helps them process it in a hierarchical manner. 

If you are a designer who often works with design-based projects, it would be best if you use the correct fonts to ensure success.

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