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The Effectiveness of Antenna Alignment Monitoring Systems


The Effectiveness of Antenna Alignment Monitoring Systems

Antenna alignment and monitoring systems are significant in the industry of telecommunications. Aligning systems normally require a precise orientation and heading, it has to be aligned accurately when it installed. Having a fully integrated and permanently mounted monitoring sensor will ensure the proper alignment of an antenna on a daily basis. Aligning an antenna while it is in place and at a fixed point leads to more consistent performance and quicker setup time.

There is a wide variation of antenna sizes, shapes, types, operation, and implementation. Antenna alignment monitoring systems typically use the longitude, latitude, and time of day information when it comes to determining the position of the sun along with its greatly sensitive accelerometers that measure the antenna plumb and down-tilt. In case of misalignment conditions, its accurate system assesses the alignment of the antenna and has the power to alert telecommunication operators that help save a huge amount of dollars as well as enhancing the safety of your operations. In addition to this, you will have a piece of precise alignment information to ensure its market coverage.

When it comes to calculating the position of the antenna, the alignment monitoring systems will rely upon the two continual sources of orientation which are the orbit of the earth around the sun and the force of gravity. The system is able to track the movement of the sun across the sky without any stumbling block. It simply exists today to facilitate and monitor the base station antenna and to match it with the designated azimuth. There are other alignment monitoring systems that utilize GPS or global positioning system receiver systems.

It is important to be notified whenever any of the antennas that you are monitoring suddenly gets misaligned. Through the use of a monitoring system, you have the ability to set a boundary for changes in tilt, azimuth, and roll. Each antenna might be identified individually throughout the whole network or on a tower.  For some cases, an alarm will be induced so that you will be notified about it immediately. You can easily restore communications back to its optimum performance if ever an undesired change suddenly occurs. Your antenna alignment monitoring system is specifically designed to surpass performance standards, waterproof sealing standards, and good battery life.

In our world today, antenna alignment monitoring systems is a practical solution that is cost effective and reliable. It will make life easier and more convenient for you because of its excellent benefits and advantages in the long run. Be aware that an average antenna and its alignment monitoring systems can be operational and installed within one hour. The installation is a step by step process that can be done easily with a professional technician.


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